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Bernadette Birk PHOTO

Bernadette Birk PHOTO

NEW YORK (LALATE) – PHOTO. Bernadette Birk, Bethenny Frankel’s mom, says Frankel’s allegations are false. Bernadette Birk’s picture and details headline the current issue of the Star. Birk says the “Bethenny Getting Married?” star is more about Bethenny getting publicity about allegations that Birk says are  untrue.

But if it sounds like Candy-Tori Spelling 2.0, you’re right. In Spelling form, Frankel says her mom is not contacting her, and Birk says Frankel is not contacting her.  There is a baby and a grandmother who isn’t visiting. The father who wants the grandma to be introduced to the baby.  And much more.

Birk says Frankel hasn’t contacted her in 10 years and that the only way she knows what is going on in Frankel’s life is her reality tv programs. Yet the Star magazine Birk interview (preview at least) doesn’t explain what efforts Birk has put into contacting Frankel. And before you shake your finger at Birk, Frankel’s own interviews don’t explain what efforts she has taken to reconnect with Birk.

Frankel words are harsh “She was never a mother to me”, but admits that Jason want Birk in his child’s life. Birk, a professor, says “[Bethenny is] the most important person in my world”, but admits she hasn’t seen her this decade.

The contradictions from both sides don’t end there. Frankel tells the Palm Beach Post:

“My mother hasn’t expressed any interest in meeting Bryn, which was shocking to my husband. Life is hopefully long, so I don’t know what the future will bring. Right now, I would say no. I only want positive energy around her for as long as possible. Life will be difficult enough before she knows it.”

Yet Frankel doesn’t answer if she has contacted her mother in the last decade, nor Birk visa versa. Instead, Frankel says “Given the way I grew up, I should have been, like, in a cr–ck den” and t “There was a lot of destruction [in my parents]: alcohol abuse, eating disorders and violent fights …. [My mother was] extremely volatile. ”

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There is not one, but two, Birk interviews this week. The second is with Enquirer. Birk claims to the magazine that Bethenny Frankel has allegedly made up lies her whole life and allegedly continues to repeat them until she believes them.

Birk says that because Frankel is her daughter she has refrained for many years in responding Bethenny’s alleged lies. But Birk says she refuses to sit back further.

“I have kept my silence for many years. I didn’t want to say anything about the lies Bethenny has spread about me because she is my flesh and blood. I know Bethenny will be reading this, and I just need to understand why she is being so malicious. She has made up lies all her life and eventually, as twisted as her claims are, she starts to believe them.”

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