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Amanda Logue PHOTOS

Amanda Logue PHOTOS

ALBANY, GEORGIA (LALATE) – PHOTOS. Model Amanda Logue is on trial for the murder of Dennis (Scooter) Abrahamsen. Amanda Logue (pictures below) faces murder charges with Jason Andrews, both film stars.

Logue was hired for a May 15 “party” with Scooter who ran a tattoo shop on State Road 52. Logue’s tweets before and after that encounter are expected to be part of the prosecution case. Logue tweeted she had “some exciting surprise in store for here tonight”. The surprise was a dead Abrahamsen found by a family member 24 hours later. Abrahamsen ‘s body was stabbed, his head beaten.

Amanda Logue Pictures Set 1
Amanda Logue Photo 1

Amanda Logue Photo 2

Amanda Logue Photo 3

Prosecutors claim Logue and Andrews committed the crime, stole cameras, a credit card, and $6000 cash. Just days ago a grand jury charged Logue for first degree murder. Andrews is still being sought.

Several of Logue’s online model sites remain live. On Model Insider she writes:

“I am a professional model..This is my full time job..If you desire to hire me I am available for the Genres below..I will also work with other female models.” She adds that she doesn’t work with male models. “I do not work with male models. Please do not ask and I am not here looking for a date.”

Amanda Logue Pictures Set 2
Amanda Logue Photo 4

Amanda Logue Photo 5

Amanda Logue Photo 6

Amanda Logue even states further “This profile is for business purposes only..If you have a desire to hire me or work with me please leave your request in the inbox section. I am looking forward to establishing a good work relationship with photographers and female models here on this site. I am available to travel if I am able to book enough work in your area to cover my travel and expenses. Paid projects and assignments are preferred and will have preference.”

Amanda Logue listed her credits as Full Throttle Magazine, Plush Illustrated, PCB party Magazine, Thunder Roads magazine, Auto Tunning magazine (Russian), and even MTV.

On Select Models, Logue writes that she hosts lingerie shows.”I own a a lingerie and tanning store. I also host lingerie shows. I will do most any shoot. I am looking for paid work.”

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