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Touchdown Jesus Big Butter Jesus Destroyed in Fire

Touchdown Jesus Big Butter Jesus Destroyed in Fire

MONROE, OH (LALATE) – The famed Big Butter Jesus statute has been destroyed in a fire. Also known as Touchdown Jesus, the statute was destroyed in a massive fire last night after being built in 2004 at a price tag in excess of $250,000.

The statute, reported on LALATE NEWS in March 2010, stood at 62 feet tall in Monroe, built by Solid Rock Church along I-74. It would soon earn other nicknames like “Giant Jesus”,”8-Ball Jesus”, “Touchdown Jesus”, “MC 62 Ft. Jesus”, “Drowning Jesus” and “Quicksand Jesus”.

Today all that is left of the statute is its frame. Kim Peace, a local police dispatcher, said of the fire “It burned to the ground. The whole statue is gone.”

Big Butter Jesus’ creators were Brad Coriel and James Lynch. Coriel designed Big Butter Jesus and Lynch sculpted him. Several songs have been inspired by Big Butter Jesus including “Big Butter Jesus” (Heywood Banks) and “Monroe OH” (Robbie Schaefer)

The statute was also known as King of Kings. Below is video of the fire.

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  1. Jo

    June 15, 2010 at 10:38 am

    wow. huh. maybe got is making a sign. Maybe they should of spent the $250,000 for a natural disaster cause…not a stupid statue that was cheap and ready to burn! If i were god i would be pissed too. GOOD JOB!

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