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Villaraigosa Free Tickets Scandal

Villaraigosa Free Tickets Scandal

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s free ticket scandal is growing with more  questions than answers revealed this weekend.

Villaraigosa’s lawyer admits he only paid for one ticket, a U2 concert, of the reported now 81 tickets at issue. The Mayor’s lawyer admits this weekend that the sole ticket he paid for was a U2 concert, but doesn’t explain how he remembers that ticket but doesn’t recall the other 80 at issue since coming into office in 2005.

His lawyer tells local news that since 2005 the Mayor has received 81 tickets to sports and entertainment events, but explains he doesn’t have logs concerning the tickets.

Aamong the questions still unanswered are (a) how many tickets did the Mayor use; (b) how many tickets were used for official duties vs non official duties; (c) how much were the tickets worth; (d) who gave the tickets; and most importantly (e) why hasn’t he declared the receipt of the tickets.

Brian Currey, the counsel to the mayor tells the LA Times “We don’t have a documentary record of who provided the tickets, how much they are worth or how many there were. There were no logs kept. There’s just not much documentation.” So if there is no record, where did the specific number 81 come from? There is no reported explanation about that either.

Some of the tickets that continue to be revisited in local news are the two most public and most expensive – the Oscars and Lakers courtside tickets. Lakers tickets for seats the Mayor used are worth $3,100, each. A ticket to the Academy Awards and Governor’s Ball reportedly carries a face value of $21,000. The Times notes former Mayor James K. Hahn did report his tickets to comparable sport and entertainment events.

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