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Debralee Lorenzana PHOTOS!

Debralee Lorenzana PHOTOS

NEW YORK (LALATE) – PHOTOS. The pictures and verdict are out on Debralee Lorenzana, the fired Citibank banker. Debralee Lorenzana’s pics have rendered a decision in the court of public opinion; next a New York court will have to decide if she was fired for allegedly being too hot to be banker at Citibank.

Debralee Lorenzana (aka Debrahlee Lorenzana) has caused a tsunami of comments on the Village Voice where the story first broke. Within 24 hours, nearly 600 comments have been posted about the news story of a banker who claims to be fired for looking too hot.

Debralee Lorenzana Pictures Set 1
Debralee Lorenzana Photo 1
Debralee Lorenzana Photo 2
Debralee Lorenzana Photo 3
Debralee Lorenzana Photo 4

The question, however, is whether the public has agreed?  Comments to that news article have universally had readers saying that Lorenzana is stunning but also dressed appropriately for her profession. Many said Lorenzana’s clothing choices could not have been any viable grounds for termination.

Debralee Lorenzana Pictures Set 2
Debralee Lorenzana Photo 5
Debralee Lorenzana Photo 6
Debralee Lorenzana Photo 7
Debralee Lorenzana Photo 8

Comments have included the humorous “This beauty could short change me and I wouldn’t care” and “Definitely too hot for CitiBank … just right for me “

Most found her attire appropriate “She is dressed fine for professional banking situation. She is attractive, but so what?” Another wrote “This woman is beautiful and dresses professionally… As long as she is covered up there should not be an issue.” And third adds “Yes this woman is attractive but she also looks very professional. It is a shame that her good looks are held against her.”

Others simply asked – what bank is she at now? “Holy cow. Could you please tell me what Bank she moved to.” (The answer on that question is still unanswered.)

Catch the issue now on newsstands.

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