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Rikishi’s Sons Uso Twins!

Rikishi's Sons Uso Twins

Rikishi Sons’ “The Uso Twins” (Jonathan Fatu and Joseph Fatu) are following in Eddie “Umaga” Fatu and Rikishi Fatu’s shoes. Rikishi Fatu’s sons, “The Uso Twins” aka “Jimmy and Jay Uso” premiered on WWE Raw this evening.

Last year, Rikishi lost his brother Eddie “Umaga” Fatu. Rikishi told Jason Clevett of Slam Sports the following about that loss:

“It’s a great loss, not just for our personal lives, but also for professional wrestling as well, as the fans … You never expect to get a call like that. I’m having goosebumps right here sitting talking to you about it. My dealing with my brother’s loss was through the fans and the family. You would not believe how much heart, calls and emails, condolences from fans throughout the whole world. I was very proud of that.”

So what does Rikishi think about his sons’ entry into WWE?

“You guys look out for them! They’re in a developmental deal now. What I told my boys was, ‘You guys have a lot of shoes to fill, but do what you feel comfortable with. Win the fans, win the match.’ They’re seeing why daddy walks through the door limping, don’t want to throw the football, don’t want to play basketball. But they’re going to find out first-hand.”

“I remember back in my day, doing indy shots here and there on the road, my kids seen me, how I was raised up in the business because they lived it with me. So anytime I’d see the Rotundas, Briscos, or any other third or second generation come into the business, to me, it’s a natural thing to do. I told both my sons, ‘I want to see you play NFL football, but you always have wrestling to fall back on.’ Obviously, they wanted to try the family business and try their hand at professional wrestling. Honestly, the world get ready, because you are about ready to see twice — when I say twice, twice the entertainment, twice the electricity, you’re about ready to see twice of The Rock!”

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  1. April

    June 2, 2010 at 11:34 am

    Hey I really like the uso they are great and have lot of potental. But it Jules real name Joseph or Joshua. I see different site with different names.

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