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Ana Patricia Gonzalez PHOTOS!

Ana Patricia Gonzalez PHOTOS

PHOTOS! Here are pictures of Ana Patricia González, tu Nuestra Belleza Latina! Ana Patricia González pics heat up as Gonzalez just won the 2010 Nuestra Belleza Latina show on Univision.

Earlier this week, LALATE NEWS – which had never before predicted the winner of latin reality show – correctly predicted Ana Patricia González as the 2010 winner. Moments ago, on the east coast, tv viewers saw the spectacular as Ana Patricia González made history for Mexico!

Ana Patricia Gonzalez FOTOS I
Ana Patricia Gonzalez Photo 1
Ana Patricia Gonzalez Photo 2
Ana Patricia Gonzalez Photo 3

Until tonight, no country has ever won Nuestra Belleza Latina twice. Ana Patricia González changed that tonight, making history for her country and her fans!

Ana Patricia Gonzalez FOTOS Mas
Ana Patricia Gonzalez Photo 4

Ana Patricia Gonzalez Photo 5

Ana Patricia Gonzalez Photo 6

It was not difficult predicting the results of this hit Spanish-language program. Ana Patricia González has dominated scores week by week. That performance has resulted in massive tv viewership numbers. Last week’s Semi Finals put the program as the #4 most watch tv program on Sunday night in the U.S.

Ana Patricia Gonzalez is also a very rich woman tonight winning $250,000 in cash, the title of Nuestra Belleza Latina for one year, and a contract to appear on Univision programs. Which show would you like to see her on?

Previous winners have pocketed $200,00 in winnings and got appearances on Sabado Gigante, Despierta America and El Gordo y La Flaca.

Since the Semi-Finals, Tatiana Delgado and Ana Patricia Gonzalez have dominated results. Delgado and Gonzalez have had the top scores each week since the Semi Finals started on April 4.

Resultados – Here are your final results just moments ago.
12th Place Agostina Fusari, 25, de Argentina; 11th Place Indiana Sánchez, 22, de Nicaragua;10th Place Cynthia Piña, 26, de Mexico; 9th Place Mayra Zavala,23, de Mexico; 8th Place Rossibell Mateo, 21, de Dominican Republic; y 7th Place Heidy Alvarado,19, de Honduras

Top 6 Esta Noche. Here are your Top 6 results from tonight. 6th Place Fabiola Barinas, 25, Dominican Republic;5th Place, Lissandra de la Cruz, 24, Cuba; y 4th Place Bárbara Moros, 23, Venezuela.

And finishing Top 3 are 3rd Place Tatiana Delgado, 21, Puerto Rico; 2nd Place Carolina Ramírez, 26, Colombia; and1st Place Ana Patricia González 22 Mexico

Since the spectacular started in 2007, no country has won twice – Puerto Rico won in 2008, Mexico in 2007, and Cuba in 2009. LALATE had predicted the winner for 2010 as Mexico’s Ana Patricia González.


12th Place Agostina Fusari 25 Argentina
11th Place Indiana Sánchez 22 Nicaragua
10th Place Cynthia Piña 26 Mexico
9th Place Mayra Zavala 23 Mexico
8th Place Rossibell Mateo 21 Dominican Republic
7th Place Heidy Alvarado 19 Honduras
6th Place Fabiola Barinas 25 Dominican Republic
5th Place Lissandra de la Cruz 24 Cuba
4th Place Bárbara Moros 23 Venezuela
3rd Place Tatiana Delgado 21 Puerto Rico
2nd Place Carolina Ramírez 26 Colombia
1st Place Ana Patricia González 22 Mexico

For continuing coverage of Nuestra Belleza Latina on LALATE click here:


  1. Lizzie

    January 12, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    mira, jackie, callate el osico k tienes por que las mexicanas son las mas bonitas… es mas, son bellisimas!! so, te puedes callar!! k bueno k gano una mexicana!! es bella !!! tu nomas estas celosa por k alomejor tu eres una fea!!

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