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Justin Frye PHOTOS!

Justin Frye PHOTOS

PHOTOS! Pictures of Justin Frye, the Kendra Wilkinson ex boyfriend, hit newsstands. Justin Frye pics with Kendra Wilkinson were released in screenshots of that … tape … from its distributor this week. As soon as the screenshots were released, quickly the Star identified the man in the home video with Kendra as Justin Frye.

Justin Frye Pictures
Justin Frye Photo 1

Who is Justin Frye? UFC MMA fight? Strikeforce fighter? No.

By fighter cards for Frye on, Justin Frye’s last fight was in 2006, and he won it. Justin Frye battled David Larson in XFC’s Desert Duels in November 2006. doesn’t report any more recent MMA fights by Justin Frye.

The Star magazine claims Kendra knew Justin when she graduated from high school in 2003. The two reportedly shared an apartment for the next year in which they dated. Kendra reveals in a E! True Hollywood Story that she was a dental assistant but quit that job since it wasn’t paying enough.

“I needed something else, especially that made more money. I had a boyfriend at the time, and we decided it would be best for me to go into [dancing]. I made a ton of money.”

By 2004, the couple had split, and she was next dating Hugh Hefner and living in the Playboy Mansion.

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