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Who is Voted off American Idol Tonight?

Who is Voted off American Idol Tonight

VOTING – Who is getting voted off American Idol tonight? Elimination on American Idol tonight, sending someone home, is just four hours away; but if the judges’ comments are any indication, it is already clear which Idol contestants are already in danger of landing in the bottom 2 and potentially getting voted off tonight.

In four hours from now, we have our bottom 2 contestants. Who will they be?


If Simon is the predicting factor – which he often is – Casey James chose a “lazy song” that puts him in danger.

Several Idol contestants came up as “just okay” last night. Tim Urban was a “letdown” while Siobhan Magnus was a “bit all over the place”.

Simon said of Casey James “That wasn’t particularly inspiring – zero emotion. I thought it was a lazy song choice”. Compare that comment to one Simon gave of Magnus. With Magnus, Simon said “I found the whole thing to be a bit all over the place.”

Magnus’ review is about the same as what Simon gave Urban “it was a little bit of letdown” “.

But when you add in the other judges’ comments, you get different results … except with James. Casey James evoked all negative reactions from judges putting Casey in position for bottom 2 and most likely to be eliminated tonight.

“Not great”, “not your best” “not showing us” what is what judges told James. Will viewers tell James to head home?

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