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Tara Reid Playboy PHOTOS!

Tara Reid Playboy PHOTOS

PHOTOS! Here again are those great Tara Reid Playboy pics from 2009. Tara Reid’s Playboy pictures heat up again today on news that her engagement is off.

Went want wrong, Tara?

Earlier this year, LALATE wrote about the reactions readers had between the Kelly Bensimon versus Tara Reid Playboy spreads. Now months later, Bensimon’s pics never truly caught on like Tara’s pics.

Tara Reid Pictures
Tara Reid Photo 1
Tara Reid Photo 2
Tara Reid Photo 3
Tara Reid Photo 4
Tara Reid Photo 5
Tara Reid Photo 6
Tara Reid Photo 7
Tara Reid Photo 8

In winter 2009, Tara Reid’s picture spread hit the net. Kelly’s photos dropped Spring 2010.

Reid is a former movie star, Bensimon a current reality tv star. So who would cause a bigger net reaction? For Reid, it was the first major spread in a magazine in recent memory. Both Reid and Bensimon have a long history of stunning model shoots.

But then, the noticeable difference. Bensimon is anchored by one of television’s top programs – Real Housewives of New York – while Reid doesn’t have a top movie or film out to drive attention to her issue.

Kelly Bensimon Pictures
Kelly Bensimon Photo 1
Kelly Bensimon Photo 2
Kelly Bensimon Photo 3
Kelly Bensimon Photo 4
Kelly Bensimon Photo 5

Tara explained her reason for the photo shoot. “I got it fixed and now I’m OK and I want people to know I’m OK,” she told New York’s WPIX.

“I’ve had it done for the last five or six years, but people only want to show the old pictures. It’s so unfair. That’s part of the reason why I did Playboy, to show people, ‘Right, look at me. This is how I look now.’ ”

Reid suffered stomach scars following a botched 2004 liposuction procedure. Because of that procedure, Tara had said she would never choose to grace the pages of Playboy. Reid had said “I know there are problems with my stomach. There are bumps on it, it’s uneven, but it’s not that bad. My stomach scars are my bottle wounds.”

Tara Reid posed for Playboy photos during a October 7, 2009 picture shoot at private residence in Santa Monica, California.

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