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Kiana Kim Playboy PHOTOS!

Kiana Kim Playboy PHOTOS

PHOTOS! Catch Playboy pictures of Kiana Kim, Pete Rose’s girlfriend. Kiana Kim Playboy pics heat up as Pete Rose’s Kiana visits Howard Stern today.

Kiana Kim was covered on LALATE in November 2009. Pete Rose said of Kiana Kim at the time that he wanted her to post for Playboy Magazine. But if you visit Kiana’s website, it now states she “WILL” be appearing in an upcoming Playboy.

Kiana Kim Pictures Set 1
Pete Rose’s Girlfriend Photo 1
Pete Rose’s Girlfriend Photo 2
Pete Rose’s Girlfriend Photo 3
Pete Rose’s Girlfriend Photo 4

Kim is from Seoul, Korea and stands 5’6″, 115, with a 36Dc-24-35. Her bio reads as follows:

“Kiana was born in Seoul, Korea and moved out to the United States with her family when she was of the age 5. She was raised in Los Angeles and left LA to go to school at Arizona State University. She recieved her BS degree in Business Marketing. Soon after graduating, she worked for Korean Airlines as a flight attendant. Currently she owns and operates a hair salon in CA.

Kiana Kim Pictures Set 2
Pete Rose’s Girlfriend Photo 5
Pete Rose’s Girlfriend Photo 6
Pete Rose’s Girlfriend Photo 7

Pete Rose’s Girlfriend Photo 8

“She has always been physically fit and extremely active and takes pride in her body. She exercises regularly with Trainer Jordan Yuam, best known for preparing Taylor Lautner for Twilight series. She can be seen frequently on a segment of NBC’s Today in LA “The Morning Wakeup Workout”. She is currently dating Baseball’s all time hit king Pete Rose .

“Kiana will be featured in a Playboy upcoming issue soon. Stay tuned for upcoming events.”

And while Kim has a hot website (, it only briefly drops in the corner the mention that … yes … she will be in Playboy. And even gives the date!

“April 6th Playboy Special Editions … 100 of 2009″!

As reported on LALATE in November, Rose wanted his girlfriend to pose for Playboy Magazine. Pete Rose says his girlfriend is Korean, a former Korean Airlines’ fight attendant, and an Arizona State graduate.

Ironically in November Rose told press everything about Kim …. but left out her name.

“My girl has finally decided to try to shoot for Playboy, and they were kind enough to give her an opportunity to come to Houston for an interview, and we’re excited about that. She’s beautiful, she’s young, educated — there’s a lot of qualities. She is very intelligent and just a really sweet girl.”

Okay. And then Pete adds this …

“You got to stay young, keep yourself young, and she helps me to do that”. Yes, Rose is 68 years old.

“My girl’s a real educated girl. She graduated from Arizona State. She had a very prestigious job several years ago when she was a flight attendant for Korean Airlines, which is really a big deal in Korea, and she’s Korean. Let’s just hope that the Playboy people like her.”

“If they don’t, that’s okay too. We’ll just turn the page and thank them for the opportunity.”

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