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January Gessert PICS!

January Gessert PHOTOS

PHOTOS! Pictures of Reggie Bush’s January Gessert are now online. January Gessert pics at Reggie Bush’s house are joined with claims of a “scandal” and a “crying” Kim Kardashian in the latest issue of the National Enquirer.

Do you agree?

January Gessert’s details broke yesterday on LALATE now come with pics of Gessert at Reggie’s Los Angeles mansion, a home profiled here shortly after his purchase several years ago.

In the first picture, you see January getting into the driver’s seat of a black later model Mercedes E series and a friend at the driver’s seat. The caption reads “March 17, 2010 January (circle) and her friend leave Reggie’s place in the morning”. The car is parked infront of the house number. The caption includes “7 am”.

In the second picture, it reads “Reggie leaves his house after the girls have gone … 11 AM.” Gone is the Mercedes, and in its spot is a black Range Rover.

But the copy that accompanies the photos claims the following:

“Reggie’s sleepover is only the latest incident in an ongoing …. scandal, and pals say it’s sure to end his romance FOR GOOD with the reality TV beauty, who was reduced to tears by his philandering.”

“Ongoing”? “Scandal”?


The article also claims “the reality TV beauty [Kim] … was reduced to tears” but doesn’t explain the source of that detail.

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