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Carmen Winstead DEATH

Carmen Winstead DEATH

The tragic death of Carmen Winstead aka Jessica Smith is spreading today. But is the Carmen Winstead death in a sewer, a story appearing on Myspace, Facebook and Twitter, true or false?

The story has existed online since 2006-2007. The story involves a girl, either named Carmen Winstead or Jessica Smith, being pushed by accident down a sewer by colleagues. “Following” her death, messages were sent online said to remember her passing by reposting a memorial notice or that person will be cursed by their own tragic death if they fail to do so.

The message to repost Carmen’s story came predominately during emails during the height of pre-Twitter in the middle of the decade and later populated on Myspace and Facebook, often through bulletin posts.

The message or story of Carmen or Jessica is reportedly a cut and paste of the following:

“Carmen (Jessica) and the rest of her class were on a fire drill and 5 girls trying to embarrass Carmen pushed her down a sewer when she didn’t come up they called the police and the girls said she fell the police believed them. FACT:two months later a boy got the text of Carmen and didn’t send it later that night the boy went to the bathroom and heard laughter and out of fear he ran into his room grabbed his cell to send the text later that night his mom was awakened by a loud noise two months later they found the boy in a near by sewer [descriptions edited].”

The message says to repost in memorial to Carmen or you will be visited by her ghost.

True or False? Reportedly, it’s all false, an urban legend, said to been spread by certain individuals hoping to gain Mypsace friends out of it.


  1. lucy

    April 20, 2014 at 4:17 pm

    I think a bit of both really some people said nothing happend to them and others believe something had happened to this poor girl and the boy, I am pretty scared still, I did share this on Facebook just in case.

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