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Anne Curtis Swimsuit Scandal PHOTO

Anne Curtis Swimsuit Scandal PHOTO

PHOTO! The leak of the Anne Curtis swimsuit ASAP XV photo has caused fans to support Anne Curtis as she confronts the wardrobe malfunction picture scandal.

Anne Curtis fans in outrage about the viral reposting of the Boracay Island picture have been taking to Twitter in huge numbers tonight, Wednesday.

Anne Curtis has spoken out about the swimsuit scandal photo, as reported earlier on LALATE. But even though Curtis is hush about it on Twitter, her fans are retweeting two viral support messages for the beautiful tv star tonight.

Two messages have been retwitted many times in the last 30 minutes on Twitter as of 11 PM PST Wednesday. They are “This is Anne Curtis’ revenge on all of ye sinners” and “RT we need THOUSANDS HUGS 4 ANNE CURTIS”.

While US readers learned most about the scandal on Wednesday morning as broke here on LALATE, the picture leak was already in full force by Tuesday internationally. On Twitter that day, Anne Curtis tweeted a series of inspirational quotes.

Among them were:

“The measure of a mature person is on how they move on and stand up after everything goes wrong.”

“Women are like teabags; you never know how strong they are until they’re put in hot water. -Eleanor Roosevelt”

“It’s not about being who everyone else wants u to be, it’s about being urself and finding someone who loves every bit of it.”

On Curtis’s Facebook wall, the support is even stronger. While Curtis has over 188,000 followers on Facebook, there is nearly 30 messages of support on her Wall in the last 30 minutes. One fan writes on Facebook:

“[Sometimes] we need to learn ,,, not [because] we failed but to understand that life is not just easy as it is,, don’t be afraid, if we make mistakes ,, it will lead us to be strong, so, Anne take it as a challenge to your career, were only human,, were not perfect, but if our morality was been destroyed, lets fight for that”

Another writes on the Wall:

“ms ann,i’m a mom and ur the idol of my 2 girls also me.khit sa akin my nka tag ng pic mo sa bora nsktan din ako bkit my mga MONKEY ng post nun,kming mga fans m wla sa amin yun,my mga taong tlgang wlang mga bato! we still love u,Ann!”

As broke on LALATE Tuesday, the Anne Curtis picture was taken on Boracay Island. The apparent cellphone picture was snapped as Anne Curtis teaped a special episode of the hit TV musical variety show entitled “ASAP XV.” It came during a performance of the song “Babe, I Love you.”

Viva Communications has condemned the reposting of the picture online across social networking sites. Cecilia Santelices, Viva Communications Inc documentation officer, says the picture should not have been shared:

“We are appalled by the behavior of some people who have irresponsibly posted over the internet and maliciously published a photo of our artist, Ms. Anne Curtis-Smith, taken during the taping of one of her production numbers for ASAP XV. What happened during the taping was an unfortunate accident. Nothing was done intentionally. Anne was merely doing her best to deliver a solid performance as an artist.”

“It is disheartening to discover though that certain people have taken advantage of the situation, maliciously uploading the photos over the internet and capitalizing on the same for publication. Worse, participating in the proliferation of the same.”

“Obviously, some unscrupulous individuals have capitalized on this misfortune and consequently exploited our artist whose only fault was to do her job well. We appeal to these individuals, please have a little respect and decency to stop posting the photos and distributing the same. Think of your sister, your mother, your wife, or your daughter. . . . . have a heart.”

As reported here Tuesday, the picture at one point was on youtube and on Facebook. As of Wednesday, it was clearly visible, unedited, on US website(s).

Curtis’ comments about the scandal were during an exclusive interview iwth  ABS-CBN reporter Gretchen Fulido:

“I feel really disrespected na parang alam ko naman na hindi talaga maiiwasan… but to upload it or to even spread it, even more that’s what makes me sad. You know, nakaka-dishearten na may mga taong ganoon. I’m not doing anything bad to them, so bakit kailangan nilang gawin sa akin ‘yong ganun?”

Boyfriend Sam Milby reportedly had to comfort Curtis on set after the malfunction occured.

Curtis added “I’d rather not just stay around and cry over spilled milk, about it. Nangyari na. Tapos na, I’m moving on na. So, sana others will do the same.”

She adds that this is a “na hindi ko naman talaga sinasadyang mangyari. That’s why I really feel upset na it’s coming out.” Se says she feels “na sana” that people who took their photos with a cellphone had no respect to delete it or not share it with others.


  1. jhomer manalo

    January 23, 2012 at 11:27 pm

    c anne ay ang sarap kantutin pwede ba pa isa sa iyo pls……

  2. larry bird

    January 23, 2012 at 11:48 pm

    ang sarap sarap talagang kantutin yan si anne kao nga lang maliit ang boobs nya pero solve ka sa pekpek nya…

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