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Melinda Dennehy PHOTOS!

Melinda Dennehy Scandal PHOTOS

PHOTOS! Here are pictures of Melinda Dennehy, the Londonderry High School teacher. Pics of Melinda Dennehy heat up with news that Melinda has been charged with sending alleged racy text messages and scandal pics to a student.

The allegations don’t end there. And if this all sounds so scandalous, to net readers it shouldn’t. Melinda Dennehy is just yet another in a pattern of teachers and the alleged exchange of affection for their high school students, affection that involves alleged unclothed pictures added in.

Melinda Dennehy Pictures
Melinda Dennehy Photo 1
Melinda Dennehy Photo 2

Melina is now not just facing one felony count. She is also facing the issue of her own family. What will happen with the single mother of two if she is found guilty? She returns to court April 30 where she will face the allegations.

The student tells police that Melinda allegedly “continuously sent him text messages”, many offering help on something (other than homework). He also claims two kissed in her classroom twice.

Melinda Dennehy is 41. She is accused of sending the male student, 15, four such racy pictures.

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