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Full Throttle Saloon YouTube!

Full Throttle Saloon YouTube

VIDEO! Here is again is youtube video of Full Throttle Saloon on TV Tonight. Notable Full Throttle moments include:

When campaigning for President in 2008, Republican candidate John McCain visited the Sturgis Rally and made embarrassing headlines for telling a crowd, “With a little luck, [his wife Cindy] could be the only woman to serve as both the First Lady and Miss Buffalo Chip.” The Miss Buffalo Chip pageant, named for a campground with a rowdy reputation, regularly features topless contestants.

“No one over the age of 18 is legally required to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle in South Dakota. The same principle does not apply to the Sturgis Skateboard Park, where “full pads are required.” ”

” In the early part of the 20th Century, Sturgis was the home of “Poker Alice,” a well-known female brothel and speakeasy owner who once shot and killed a drunken soldier. She enjoyed reading the Bible and smoking cigars.

“To date, the highest attended Sturgis rally was the one in 2000, which drew over 600,000 people.”

“It is illegal to lie down and fall asleep in a cheese factory anywhere in South Dakota. Of all the laws at the Sturgis Rally, this is one of the easiest to enforce.”

“WHAT IS FULL THROTTLE SALOON? For almost 70 years, motorcyclists from every corner of the globe have flocked to South Dakota for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. For one week they ride, rebel and party. But a trip to Sturgis would be incomplete without a night at the world’s largest biker bar. This series follows the colorful workers and passionate patrons who can be found at the Full Throttle Saloon.”


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