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Eduardo Garcia Valseca Jayne Rager PHOTO

Eduardo Garcia Valseca Jayne Rager PHOTO

PHOTO. Here is a holiday photo of Eduardo Garcia Valseca and wife Jayne Rager Valseca. This Eduardo Garcia Valseca Jayne Rager holiday card was sent out six months before his life changed.

In 2007, Eduardo’s kidnapping in Mexico captivate a continent. Tonight the story is revisited on television.

Two years after his ordeal, Eduardo opened up for the first time to the Washington Post. The Post wrote of Valseca’s ordeal in 2009 the following:

” Eduardo, now 60, spent 7 1/2 months in a tiny, filthy box. The couple decline to say exactly how much ransom was paid, for fear of future extortion attempts. They say it was less than $1 million. The kidnappers had demanded $8 million.

“Eduardo weighed about 160 pounds when he was kidnapped. He came home weighing about 90, with two gunshot wounds, three broken ribs and other ailments.”

For more of that story, click here


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