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Erin Andrews Hot PICS!

Erin Andrews Hot PICS

PHOTOS! Here are again are hot pics of Erin Andrews named to Dancing with the Stars. Erin Andrews pics and honors as the ESPN reporter have been heating up LALATE for now three years.

But tonight, incredible news that Andrews will be joining parent company ABC’s show Dancing with the Stars.

In fact, in 2008, as covered on LALATE at the time, Erin Andrews worked with Tom Bergeron as co hosts of the live TV broadcast of the National Spelling Bee Finals!

Erin Andrews Pictures Set 1
Erin Andrew Photos 1
Erin Andrew Photos 2
Erin Andrew Photos 3
Erin Andrew Photos 4

In 2007, Erin Andrews was one of the first original core celebrities to heat up a newly launched LALATE. In fact, LALATE that year had the exclusive about Erin Andrews and Playboy.

Erin Andrews Pictures Set 2
Erin Andrew Photos 5
Erin Andrew Photos 6
Erin Andrew Photos 7

In 2007 after an eight year break had brought back America’s Hottest Sportscaster for its second competition. And LALATE had the exclusive from Playboy that its winner was Erin Andrews. Senior Editor Sam Jemielity spoke exclusively with LALATE in November 2007 about Eric’s win:

“We thought we had a really competitive field – all the women on our list are beautiful and, it almost goes without saying, talented as well. But Erin Andrews pretty much ran away from the competition like the Patriots have been doing to the NFL this year. Guys will pretty much watch any game that she’s reporting on, even if they don’t care about the teams…. or even the sport.”

ESPN’s Erin Andrews pulled in 40% of’s vote. Second place went to Lindsay Soto of Fox Sports Net West, and NASCAR reporter and Speed Channel host Krista Voda took third.

In 2000, first launched the poll with the winner ABC’s Jill Arrington. Other contenders that year were Monday Night Football’s Melissa Stark, CBS reporter Bonnie Bernstein and The NFL on Fox’s Lisa Guerrero.

Erin Andrews was born in 1978 in Maine. She joined ESPN in May 2004 for their Hockey coverage, but since 2004 has been sideline reporter for ESPN College Football Saturday telecast.

But Erin is a reporter of all seasons covering also Saturday Primetime college basketball game and Big Ten college basketball coverage for ESPN.

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