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USA vs Canada Hockey SCORE!

USA vs Canada Hockey Gold Medal Game score

SCORE! Current score on the USA vs Canada Hockey Gold Medal Game is 0-1, Canada leading in the 1st. Scoring in the USA vs Canada changed with a huge shot from Jonathan Toews at the 6 minute mark.

USA is not playing as they intended to. Team USA’s approach for this Gold Medal game was to strike and score early on as it did in the semi finals.

Team USA has not trailed in a game in these Olympics until now. Canada has taken 5 times more shots than USA in this 1st.

Ryan Kessler says the team has to score early on. “We’ve got to jump on them early” That’s not what has happened.

U.S. coach Ron Wilson says of today’s game the following:

“[Canada is a] hard to beat a team twice in a tournament like this. But we’ve beaten Canada, and we’ll play better than we did the last time we played against them.”

The game today could be decided in the first quarter. USA dominated Slovakia in the semi finals on Friday by scoring 6 goals in just 13 minutes. USA’s score would hold up ending in a 6-1 win.

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UPDATE #1 Current score is 1-2 Canada leading at the 18 minute mark in the 3rd.

UPDATE #2 With 24 seconds left in the 3rd, the game is TIED! USA scored. Score is now tied 2-2 starting the 4th!

UPDATE #3 – Canada wins in overtime! Canada wins the Gold!

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