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Michael Blosil PHOTOS

Michael Blosil PHOTOS

PHOTOS. Here are pictures of Michael Blosil, Marie Osmond’s son. Michael Blosin appears in pics with the rest of Marie Osmond’s children, prior and after her marriage to Brian Blosil.

Michael Blosil’s father Brian and Marie issued the following statement roughly two years ago about their divorce “Our marriage has always been a faithful one, and neither of us is assigning fault for the divorce.”

The couple had ended their marriage of nearly 20 years. Michael Blosil was one of eight children, and one of five adopted.

Michael Blosil Family Pictures Set 1
Michael Blosil Family Photo 1
Michael Blosil Family Photo 2
Michael Blosil Family Photo 3

Marie had said of her marriage to Brian in 1987:

“You start backward if you live together before getting married. I think you should start with being friends, not with intimacy first. that’s not what marriage is about, anyway. It’s about friendship and wanting to be one, wanting to know everything about each other and to help each other. If you both feel that way, it’s smooth sailing. Selfishness is the problem.”

Michael Blosil left behind a suicide note. Blosil had reportedly suffered depression. Michael was the second child adopted by Marie. In one of these more recent pictures, Michael is the middle age child standing in the front with the stripped vest sweater.

Michael Blosil Family Pictures Set 2
Michael Blosil Family Photo 4
Michael Blosil Family Photo 5
Michael Blosil Family Photo 6

Brian Blosil and Marie met in January 1986 and married on October 28 that year. Marie was 27, Brian 33, at the time. The ceremony was at Jordan River Temple officiated by Paul H. Dunn.

Marie said through a statement today:

“My family and I are devastated and in deep shock by the tragic loss of our dear Michael and ask that everyone respect our privacy during this difficult time.”

Marie had Stephen James Craig Blosil with Steve Craig. With Blosil, Marie adopted five children (Jessica, Michael, Brandon, Brianna, and Abigal) and had Rachel and Matthew.
* Jessica Blosil: Born 1987.
* Rachael Blosil: Born 1989.
* Michael Blosil: Born 1991.
* Brandon Blosil: Born 1996.
* Brianna Blosil: Born 1997.
* Matthew Blosil: Born 1999.
* Abigail Blosil: Born 2002.

For continuing coverage of Michael Blosil’s death on LALATE click here:


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