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Sea World Trainer Killed Home VIDEO Killer Whale Attack Video 2010

Sea World Trainer Killed Home VIDEO Killer Whale Attack Video 2010

VIDEO. Killer whale kills trainer footage? Here is video of the Sea World trainer who was killed by whale Tilikum. The Sea World attack on a trainer by a killer killer whale was witnessed by a live audience.

But now, yet another day begins, with people on the hunt online for the actual video of the attack.

This week’s obsession with death videos is not a new trend. Whether it’s a crash at a NASCAR event causing a fan to die (last week) or an Olympic bobsled athlete perishing in Vancouver (also last week), America’s obsession with death videos continue to grow.

That hunt is every bit disturbing as the quest to find “Michael Jackson death pictures” photos that dominated 2009.

SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau died infront of a live audience. So the question is not whether such a video exist but why is the public desiring to see such a clip.

Dawn Brancheau and Tilikum Pictures Set 1
Dawn Brancheau Tilikum Picture 1
Dawn Brancheau Tilikum Picture 2
Dawn Brancheau Tilikum Picture 3

In 2009, OK! Magazine was under fire for putting the then claimed “Michael Jackson death photo” on its cover. While the editor had to defend his decision, readers voted with their wallets, buying up the magazine issue in record numbers.

Today’s hunt for Dawn Brancheau’s death video is not any better. It’s arguably part of the advent of net reactions with today’s video sharing sites. There was no YouTube to watch Keltie Byrne’s death. Keltie Byrne died in front of a live audience also because of Tilikum.

In 1991, Tilikum was not owned by SeaWorld nor lived in Orlando. The killer whale was then owned by Sealand of the Pacific in British Columbia. It was there Tilikum and two female whales, in front of spectators, dragged trainer Keltie Byrne below the water surface drowning her.

Tilikum was often referred to as Telly or Tilly.

Dawn Brancheau and Tilikum Pictures Set 2
Dawn Brancheau Tilikum Picture 4
Dawn Brancheau Tilikum Picture 5
Dawn Brancheau Tilikum Picture 6

PBS Frontline said of that 1991 attack:

” “I just heard her scream my name,” said trainer Karen McGee, 25, and then I saw she was in the pool with the whales. “I threw the life-ring out to her. She was trying to grab the ring, but the whale, basically, wouldn’t let her. To them it was a play session, and she was in the water.” McGee and other Sealand staff tried to distract the whales by throwing them fish, banging on the water with steel buckets and giving them hand and voice commands. Nothing worked. Byrne came up screaming one more time and then, as the whale swam round and round the pool with Byrne in its mouth, she finally drowned. It was several hours before her body could be recovered.

For continuing coverage of Dawn Brancheau’s death on LALATE click here:


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