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Meryl Davis Hot PHOTOS!

Meryl Davis Hot PHOTOS

PHOTOS! Here are hot pictures of Olympics Ice Dancing’s Meryl Davis who is second tonight. Meryl Davis pics heat up as Davis and partner Charlie White delivered in Winter Olympics Ice Dancing a stunning performance Sunday.

Meryl and Charlie scored a 67.08 for their original dance Sunday. That score was second for the night putting Meryl Davis and Charlie White into second place overall with a 108.55 score.

Meryl Davis Hot Pictures Set 1
Meryl Davis Hot Photo 1
Meryl Davis Hot Photo 2
Meryl Davis Hot Photo 3

Meryl Davis delivered with White an original folk dance Indian performance Sunday, landing them in medal contention behind the Canadian team. Meryl is followed by Tanith Belbin who with partner Benjamin Agosto are at 103.33 overall, ranked fourth.

Meryl Davis and White told press about her performance  “We gave everything we had in the program.”

Davis’ last Twitter post was nearly 7 days, an adorable Tweet Pic above with another fellow Ice Dancer:

“Enjoying the sun with Sasha (Israeli ice-dancer) after practice. Forgot to pack my SPF”

Meryl Davis Hot Pictures Set 2
Meryl Davis Hot Photo 4
Meryl Davis Hot Photo 5
Meryl Davis Hot Photo 6

But on January 16, Davis delivered the super cute tweet about her preparation for the games:

“Scene: Gnd’ma flipping through Skating Mag in my kitchen, Quote: Boy, that sure looks like you! My response: That is me, Gnd’ma. That is me!”

As you can see from the Ice Dancing scores below, the race is still close enough that any team in the top 4 could still win gold.

Ice Dancing Results Overall Points

1 CanadaCanadaTessa Virtue, Scott Moir 111.15
2 United StatesUnited StatesMeryl Davis, Charlie White 108.55
3 Russian FederationRussian FederationOksana Domnina, Maxim Shabalin 106.60
4 United StatesUnited StatesTanith Belbin, Benjamin Agosto 103.33
5 ItalyItalyFederica Faiella, Massimo Scali 100.06

For continuing coverage of the 2010 Olympic Games on LALATE click here:


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