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Kelly Bensimon from Playboy to Fashion Week!

Kelly Bensimon from Playboy to Fashion Week

Kelly Bensimon who looses her clothes in new Playboy photos was spotted at Fashion Week checking out new clothes. Kelly Bensimon’s Playboy pics simmer across the net this week with Bensimon clothing-optional.

But if she got rid of clothes then,  she is now looking for new threads at Fashion Week. That was the scene Saturday .

Reports the Daily News: “the Fashion Week parties in the Meatpacking District started opening up — and the alice + olivia presentation at hot spot Provocateur was certainly the place to be. It Girl Ke$ha and “Housewife” Kelly Bensimon were on hand to celebrate with famed designer Stacey Bendet”.

Hopefully the usual messy looking Ke$ha prepared for the show. I’m talking pedicure on her toes, toes for Trying on all those clothes, clothes!

Meantime, Kelly Bensimon’s Playboy photos for the Real Housewives of New York arrive this week.

Kelly Bensimon Pictures
Kelly Bensimon Photo 1
Kelly Bensimon Photo 2
Kelly Bensimon Photo 3
Kelly Bensimon Photo 4
Kelly Bensimon Photo 5

The Playboy pics of Kelly Bensimon hit newsstands this week after initial belief that they could fall December 2009. And so far, the reaction has bee nothing but lackluster. On the heels of Heidi Montag’s faux spread of 2009, readers are a bit tired of pics that – at least released in preview – look too tame to even appear in Maxim. Why release preview photos of Kelly holding a pillow the size of a small person? It’s sad, a bit embarrassing, and cheats readers.

In the case of Tara Reid, however, it was a winner from the beginning. Tara put her legs up on the chair, put the bunny ears on, and knew what mag she was being shot for. Kelly? It looks like a spread for an interior design fabric magazine. On the cover, she’s wrapped in ribbons, inside she’s holding a pillow. When props get tacky, they ruin the interest. This is just that (pillow) case

And how do Kelly’s pictures compare to Tara Reid’s Playboy spread?

Tara Reid Pictures
Tara Reid Photo 1
Tara Reid Photo 2
Tara Reid Photo 3
Tara Reid Photo 4
Tara Reid Photo 5
Tara Reid Photo 6
Tara Reid Photo 7
Tara Reid Photo 8

Kelly, widely covered on LALATE in 2009, is the former model ex wife of famed photographer Gilles Bensimon. Gilles Bensimon snapped the photos of Kelly for the publication


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