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Geisy Arruda Carinval PHOTOS!

Geisy Arruda Carnival

PHOTOS! Here again are pics of Geisy Arruda who danced in Brazil’s Carnival today. Geisy Arruda pics were first broke in November 2009 on LALATE.

Arruda was the  student who became a national Brazilian sensation because of the minishirt that got her into trouble with school officials. In the weeks that followed, LALATE first broke that Geisy Arruda was next turning that fame outward, going to be dancing in Brazil’s Carnival.

Today, that became a reality as Arruda danced at the Sambodrome in Sao Paulo for its Carnival festivities.

Geisy Arruda Pictures Set 1

Geisy Arruda Photo 1
Geisy Arruda Photo 2
Geisy Arruda Photo 3
Geisy Arruda Photo 4

Since the Geisy Arruda story first broke on LALATE weeks ago, Arruda’s media attention has continued to grow. It all began as Arruda, a university student, wore a miniskirt in Brazil only to be expelled from her school. When the story seemed to end – with news the school was allowing Arruda back in – suddenly Arruda’s life took another turn, as she said she wouldn’t be returning without security.

By Thanksgiving Arruda revealed she has accepted a position to be a dance for Carnivals in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. But how will she look?

Today we found out.

The outfit she wore today in Carnival she called a Carnivalized version of her infamous dress. She will dance in three top ranked Rio samba group floats during Carnival.

One moment Arruda was expelled in newspapers, the next she is being in reinstated quietly by her university. For American readers, the Geisy Arruda story left readers scratching their heads before and after the drama unfolded. But for residents of São Paulo and citizens of Brazil, the story said more about the victim and less about the students that caused the problems in the first place.

Geisy Arruda Pictures Set 2

Geisy Arruda Photo 5
Geisy Arruda Photo 6
Geisy Arruda Photo 7

When the story concluded weeks ago, LALATE questioned if the was the end or the beginning of more fame for Arruda. While Geisy Arruda’s story was reported as a student with a dress, omitted were claims that male students threatened to assault her that day – even telling professors and security to release her to them for their own “handling”. Widespread evidence of students thrusting cellphones at Arruda trying to record what they thought were compromising shots.

So whatever happened to those students? We may never know. But there is more for Arruda today.

Recently Arruda’s lawyer revealed Geisy was not returning until she gets her own on campus security guard. No comment from the University about that claim.

Geisy Arruda story touches on more than a woman’s choice at clothing. It impacts the use of cellphones in school’s to bother other students. It touches the alleged jump to accuse the victim of the wrongdoing only to forego any attention to nearly 700 who allegedly rioted over her.

Arruda, a tourism student, just wants to study: “I only want to go into the classroom, sit down, study and take tests” She never wanted this national attention. So why did the university not keep the matter private? Instead , her school published an advertisement in the São Paulo daily newspapers announcing it was expelling Arruda. Why?

Geisy Arruda YouTube Videos

It seems illogical. The advertisement read “Educational Responsibility – Education is made with attitude not complacency” and found that Geisy Arruda’s conduct had “resulted in a collective reaction in defense of the school environment.” The advertisement claimed Geisy Arruda was formally expelled.

And then … a decision to reinstate her … without another advertisement in local papers.

It may all stem from government officials looking at the matter. Local press claimed the Minister Nilcéa Freire from the Special Secretariat of Policies for Women (SPM) and the Ministry of Education were looking at the situation.

For her carnival outfit, click here

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