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Who Dat Saints Song and Lyrics!

Who Dat Saints Song and Lyrics

VIDEO! Watch / listen to the Who Dat Saints Song (Black and Gold) with lyrics. The Who Dat Saints Theme Song (Black and Gold) is by K Gates.

It’s now also available on iTunes.


The Who Dat Saints song has become New Orleans beat for Super Bowl Sunday and challenges the question “Who dat say they gonna beat them Saints?”

The song’s creator is K Gates, authored in 2009.

Online reaction includes the following:

Saints fans have always been in full force. If? you did not love them when they were losing, you are not a true Saints fan. GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!!!!!

30 year Who Dat from California. Wish I was there with ya’ll. Can’t seem to get the tears of joy to stop flowing. Can’t seem to stop smiling. Can’t seem to get the goose skin to? stop. Never felt anything like it. Bless you boys! And this song gets me CRAZY!

from the womb to the tomb. ill always be a saints fan. sunday cant get here quick enough. at least we got parades to tide us over?

I’m Indiana born and raised…. but was with the Red Cross in NOLA after Katrina. And they say home is where the heart is. That? makes New Orleans home and I know what it means to miss New Orleans.

I might be a Hoosier, but I’ll be saying “WHO DAT?” before cheering for any Indiana team.

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