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Stuart Beach Florida MAP!

Stuart Beach Florida Shark Attack

MAP! Here is a map of Stuart Beach, site of that shark attack. Stuart Beach Florida (Stuart, FL) is now home to the first Florida shark attack since 2005.

Before 2005, a shark took a Florida swimmer’s life in 1998.

Today, the beaches at Staurt, FL are open for you to go swimming. But will you go back in the water? This comes as news that Stephen Howard Schafer, 38, was bitten to death by sharks Wednesday.

Here is the latest. A witness tells local press:

“When they got there, they found a number of sharks in the water and they found the victim had been bitten several times. They were able to maneuver him onto the kite to basically somewhat protect him and bring him on shore.”

The Stuart Beach, FL, attack was just after 4 pm local time Wednesday.

Witnesses say that a lifeguard found Stephen with bites in his body as sharks continued to swim near him in the water. He was rushed to a local area hospital, listed in critical condition, and thereafter passed.

Below is a map of Stuart.

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