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Rolex 24 Hours Daytona LIVE STREAM!

Rolex 24 Hours Daytona LIVE STREAM

LIVE STREAM! Catch live stream of the 2010 Rolex 24 Hours Daytona. The Rolex 24 hOurs Daytona started 3:30 PM ET Saturday.

Last night, Dario Franchitti spoke to the press five hours into the race.

“The conditions in the car were OK. It was a little warm in the car during the first stint, but then they pulled out a blocker in front of the driver ventilation system for the second run, and it was perfect inside the car. The balance was good. The conditions were tricky, expecially getting up to speed on cold tires. When you do get up to speed, there’s one lane around the track in a lot of places. As soon as you go through turn one through the horseshoe it’s one line. You can try to make a move, but you’ve got to be careful. Then from five all the way through the bus stop it’s treacherous as hell right now to the exit.

“We’re turning laps right now, not taking any chances. The Target/TELMEX car seems pretty quick. I’m quite happy right now. I had trouble with some of the switches. I couldn’t find where the drink bottle was, but once I found it, it turned out Dixon drank all the water, anyway. Everything’s working fine.”

“It’s a catch 22 situation. I want to watch the race, because it’s exciting – I’m a race fan and I want to see what’s happening. On the other hand, you’ve got to distance yourself and just focus on your job. So I’ll watch for a little while and sleep. I’ve got six hours until I get back into the car. I’ll probably eat, watch some SPEED TV and sleep, then get ready for another go in the middle of the night.

“Traffic is about as bad as normal. There were a few of the quicker GT cars that I was having some trouble with, which I didn’t expect. Most everybody is behaving themself.

“Chip asks if we want to do this race, and we all love coming here so we say yes. I enjoy it. Chip’s given me cars that can win every time I’ve gotten into one of his Indy Car or GRAND-AM cars. I enjoy this race, and coming with a car that can compete is pretty bloody good.”

“In my opinion, this is a better car than we had last year, and probably better than when we won it in ’08. It’s a more competitive car right now. But who knows how it will be when the sun comes up tomorrow and how it will react? The trick here is to have a good car and not make any mistakes, and have some luck on your side too. If we can have that, we’re in pretty good shape. But as usual here, there are five or six cars that right now are potential race winners.”

Live stream coverage of the race is on the SPEED Channel. Check local listings for channel number.

There are a total of 44 cars.

Pos No Class Car Time Name

1 10 DP Ford Dallara 1:40.681 Max Angelelli

2 60 DP Ford Riley 1:41.100 Oswaldo Negri Jr

3 6 DP Ford Riley 1:41.110 Michael Valiante

4 02 DP BMW Riley 1:41.147 Scott Dixon

5 01 DP BMW Riley 1:41.164 Scott Pruett

6 55 DP BMW Riley 1:41.463 Christophe Bouch

7 59 DP Porsche Riley 1:41.513 Darren Law

8 9 DP Porsche Riley 1:41.603 Joao Barbosa

9 75 DP Ford Lola 1:42.060 Ricardo Zonta

10 90 DP Porsche Coyote 1:42.074 Buddy Rice

11 77 DP Ford Dallara 1:42.606 Memo Gidley

12 7 DP BMW Riley 1:43.322 Ian James

13 2 DP Chevrolet Crawford Dane Cameron

14 95 DP BMW Riley Scott Tucker

15 99 DP Chevrolet Riley Johnson/ Gurney/

16 69 GT Mazda RX-8 1:49.282 Jeff Segal

17 30 GT Mazda RX-8 1:49.371 Jordan Taylor

18 70 GT Mazda RX-8 1:49.462 Sylvain Tremblay

19 07 GT Corvette 1:49.474 Paul Edwards

20 66 GT Porsche GT3 Cup 1:49.637 Andy Lally

21 88 GT Porsche GT3 Cup 1:49.831 Johnny Mowlem

22 67 GT Porsche GT3 Cup 1:49.855 Patrick Long

23 32 GT BMW M6 1:49.968 Max Hyatt

24 41 GT Mazda RX-8 1:49.971 Leh Keen

25 94 GT BMW M6 1:50.063 Joey Hand

26 71 GT Porsche GT3 Cup 1:50.271 Spencer Pumpelly

27 57 GT Camaro GT.R 1:50.274 Robin Liddell

28 48 GT Porsche GT3 Cup 1:50.662 Bryce Miller

29 43 GT Mazda RX-8 1:51.033 Wayne Nonnama

30 40 GT Mazda RX-8 1:51.122 Joe Foster

31 22 GT Porsche GT3 Cup 1:51.199 Darryl O’Young

32 64 GT Porsche GT3 Cup 1:51.449 Eric Lux

33 46 GT Pontiac GXP.R 1:51.816 Shane Lewis

34 20 GT Porsche GT3 Cup 1:52.235 Jos Menten

35 97 GT Camaro GT.R 1:52.321 Mike Borkowski

36 23 GT Porsche GT3 Cup 1:50.298 Martin Ragginger

37 44 GT Porsche GT3 Cup 1:50.722 Craig Stanton

38 14 GT Porsche GT3 Cup 1:52.580 Cory Friedman

39 63 GT Porsche GT3 Cup 1:53.004 Henri Richard

40 52 GT Ferrari F430 CH 1:53.088 Bob Michaelian

41 42 GT Mazda RX-8 1:54.393 Joe Sahlen

42 21 GT Pontiac GTO.R 1:55.482 Jim Briody

43 19 GT Corvette 1:57.357 Sean Paul Breslin

44 18 GT Porsche GT3 Cup 1:58.932 Dan Watkins


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