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Lady GaGa NOT Dead – Lady GaGa didn’t Die in a Car Accident!

Lady GaGa NOT Dead - Lady GaGa False Death

Lady GaGa did not die in a car accident. Lady GaGa dead reports are false.

Lady GaGa dead false reports were broke on LALATE last night at 10 pm PST. At the time, LALATE told you heightened activity of GaGa dead fake rumors swirling on Twitter.

Now this morning, they are spreading even faster than last night. Why?

In November, utterly bizarre fake statements posted online included the below:

“At 6pm Eastern Time, Lady Gaga was spotted entering a Starbucks in uptown Manhattan with Robert Pattinson. Witnesses say she was in the restroom for approximately ten minutes before emerging in a state of delerium. She rushed outside and broke into convulsions on the sidewalk.”

Lady GaGa with Robert Pattison? False. Creative, but false.

Today, it’s a “car crash”. It’s always a car crash, plane or bus accident, that dominates these fake celebrity death stories.

They appear almost to the point of suggesting automation, generally with the same fake fact patterns and rotating out pop and rap stars. GaGa was the subject of fake death report in November 2009.

And there was this one …

“Lady Gaga, the self-styled Queen of Pop, who has died suddenly aged 23 after being taken to hospital in Los Angeles, was music royalty – one of its biggest stars and holder, for Love Game, of the record for the best-selling album in history. Eventually, however, her bizarre life-style and personal notoriety eclipsed her talent and her numerous achievements.” “Fame, from the age of 11, when she was lead singer of the first black girl band, the Gaga Five, had such a damagig effect that her life was permanently affected. “

The GaGa Five? GaGa is alive and well.


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