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Patrick Kane Limo PHOTOS!

Patrick Kane Limo PHOTOS

PHOTOS! Here are the Patrick Kane shirtless Limo pictures. Patrick Kane’s limo pics of John Madden Kris Versteeg, and Kane hardly rise to the level of “scandal” photos. In fact, it’s not very apparent why this story headlining ESPN is even much of anything. What is exactly wrong with these photos is not very clear, except that it must be a very slow news week for these pis to even get coverage, then, or even now a week later.

When compared, these pics show happy grin, shirtless bicep flexing than 10 minutes of an episode of Jersey Shore.

Patrick Kane, John Madden and Kris Versteeg Limo Pictures
Patrick Kane Limo Photo 1
Patrick Kane Limo Photo 2
Patrick Kane Limo Photo 3

But now, as ESPN reports “the Chicago Blackhawks addressed a series of photos showing three of their players shirtless in a limosine with two unidentified women.”

“Addressed”! …. Yes, it sounds so serious.

Kane’s response?

“It’s not the way we want to represent the team, but it’s been discussed internally [with the team]. It’s been figured out inside this locker room.

“We’ve had the support of most of the team, and like I said, it’s been handled inside that locker room. That’s all we really care about in here, and we are focused on the game tonight.”

The pics were after last Saturday’s game. Last year, LALATE broke to you details of Kane’s arrest over a Buffalo cab driver.

Madden’s reaction?

“I don’t think it will be a distraction at all. This team is a tight bunch of guys.

“We’ve dealt with this already. We’ve played one game [a 4-2 win Tuesday in Edmonton], and it didn’t distract us from that. Our focus is on San Jose. We’ve dealt with it internally, and we’re moving on.”

If you are still not clear what is wrong with this pics, LALATE joins you in that confusion.

Coach Joel Quenneville’s response? The team is dealing with … it …. internal. What is “it” is not clear.  No more use of limos?

“The situation was addressed, and we’re going to keep it internal. We already played a game. We were in Edmonton, and [the photos] was out there, and it was addressed and we handled that game alright.”


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