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Apple Announcement Event Verizon iPhone!

Apple Announcement Event Verizon iPhone

The Apple (AAPL) Announcement Event today may cover a Verizon iPhone release date. The Apple Announcement Event with an iPhone Verizon announcement, if true, would confirm months of reports that Apple will offer a 4G iPhone to Verizon customers once its exclusivity contract with AT&T expires.

While everyone is focusing Tablet today, Apple’s announcement could also cover the additional three possible topics – Verizon iPhone, iLife, and iPhone OS 4.0.

What would be the release date with Verizon? June, says analysts.

Canaccord Adams’ Peter Misek writes to clients following:

“We believe there is a good chance that the ‘One more thing…’ part of next week’s presentation may include two iPhone-related announcements: namely, the release of iPhone OS 4.0 and the unveiling of iPhone 4G coming to Verizon in June.”

Apple’s exclusive contract with AT&T (T) runs out 3Q2010

“Together with our semi-conductor partners we have ascertained that there is a reasonable chance the Asian supply chain is prepping for mass production of a new iPhone in March, for availability in late Q2, likely June. The phone will be carried on Verizon and hence will operate on the CDMA network; however, it will also support European GSM and HSPA standards.”

The event starts at 10 AM PST from the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco. Stay here for live coverage.

Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook said of today’s announcement: “I wouldn’t want to take away your joy of surprise on Wednesday.”

On China, Cook added the following:

“We would prefer to move slow because we’re building the brand for the long term, and we’ve very much focused on the long term in that market because we think there’s significant potential there. We’re very happy with working with China Unicom. They’re an excellent partner for us.”

On AT&T, Cook said the following:

“AT&T has acknowledged that they are having some issues in a few cities and they have very detailed plans to address these,” he said. “We have personally reviewed these plans and we have very high confidence that they will make significant progress toward fixing them.”

John Aloysius Farrell says of the product launch: “I can’t wait for next week. and for Apple to turn my world upside down.”

Reports say it will use a 10 inch touch screen system, Mac OS X, and run between $600 to $1000 with Apple first year sales projected at 5 million units.

Apple iPad iSlate iTablet Pictures Set 1

Apple iPad iSlate iTablet Photo 1

Apple iPad iSlate iTablet Photo 2

On Tuesday, Apple reported earnings beating street estimates driven by record sales of the Mac. Apple announced a 50 % rise in Q12010 profit to $3.38 billion or $3.67 a share with sales up 32% to $15.7 billion.

The stock is up double since last year.

Apple iPad iSlate iTablet Pictures Set 2

Apple iPad iSlate iTablet Photo 3

Apple iPad iSlate iTablet Photo 4

Apple iPad iSlate iTablet Photo 5

Mike Abramsky of RBC Capital Markets says of the launch:

Apple’s Announcement Event news is causing the stock to trade down roughly 1% as we stand 2 1/2 hours from the announcement.

For continuing coverage of the tablet’s launch on LALATE click here:

UPDATE – Here is live streaming video inside the event starting at 10 AM PST

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