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Progressive Insurance Girl Flo PHOTOS!

Progressive Insurance Girl Flo PHOTOSl

PHOTOS! Here again are pictures of Progressive Insurance Girl Flo. The Progressive Insurance Girl Flo is about as hot as the insurance industry gets.

It’s baffling to some Flo’s ability to make men go crazy (who hopefully have complete comprehensive coverage to cover any injury from going crazy)

But in early 2009, LALATE first profiled Flo, played by Stephanie Courtney. If you don’t know that an insurance pitch woman is making men go weak in the knees, then it’s about time you … switch to Progressive Insurance … commercials on your tv channels!

Stephanie Courtney Progressive Insurance Girl Pictures
Stephanie Courtney Photo 1
Stephanie Courtney Photo 2
Stephanie Courtney Photo 3

She recently spoke to the Houston Press in an article called “The Cult of the Progressive Car Insurance Chick”. That article said of Courtney:

“Am I the only one completely and totally enamored of the woman in the television ads for Progressive car insurance? You know, the ones starring that babelicious brunette named Flo with her ‘tricked-out name tag’ and her ’60s style eye makeup and her kissable red, red lips?”

Local press sat down recently with Courtney whom they describe as the following:

“bubbly and beaming, high-volume, with a flip of dark hair and a face like a lollipop. She irks as she endears, bemuses as she bewitches. She’s a bundle of energetic contradictions, bursting here, retracting there. Her expressions blink and change like a neon sign. Her eyes are popping globes. And she just sold you a bunch of car insurance.”

Courtney is 38 and has had the role of Flor for two years. Stephanie Courtney is a former member of Los Angeles’ Groundlings.

She says it takes 2 hours to transform her for the commercials. “And the makeup is like painting a portrait on my face.”


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  2. jeph wyte

    June 27, 2012 at 9:36 pm

    That woman really cranks my tractor.

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