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What Time are the Football Games Today?

What Time are the Football Games Today

What time are the Football games today? What time do the Jets play the Colts, and what time does the Saints play the Vikings?

Sunday’s football playoff action starts a bit later than regular season games. The first game is not until noon PST, 3 pm EST.

1. AFC Championship Game
Start time is 3 PM EST, 12 NOON PST on CBS.

For the Colts, Manning is passing at a 69% completion rate. Manning has 33 TDs and 16 INTs in 4500 yards this season. Addai has 10 TDs rushing in 219 carries over 828 yards. Brown has 3 TDs in 78 carries across 281 yards. Wayne leads receiving with 10 TDs in 100 receptions over 1264 yards while Clark also has 10 TDs in 100 receptions over 1106 yards.

Sanchez has 12 TDs and 20 INTs for the Jets with a 54% completion rate for the season over 2444 yards. Jones has 14 TDs in 331 carries over 1402 yards while Greene has 2 TDs in 108 carries over 540 yards. Cotchery has 3 TDs in 57 receptions over 821 yards while Edwards has 4 TDs in 35 receptions over 541 yards.

2. NFC Championship Game
6:40 PM EST 3:40 PM PST on FOX.

Brees has 34 TDs and 11 INTs for the season passing at 71% completion rate over 4338 yaars. Thomas leads Saints rushing with 6 TDs in 147 carries over 793 yards while Bell has 5 TDs in 172 carries over 654 yards. Colston has 9 TDs in 70 receptions over 1074 yards while Henderson has 2 TDs in 51 receptions over 804 yards.

Favre has 33 TDs and 7 INTs this season with a 69% completion rate over 4202 yards. Peterson has 18 TDs in 314 carries over 1383 yards while Taylor has 1 TD in 94 carries over 338 yards. Rice has 8 TDs in 83 receptions over 1312 yards while Harvin has 6 TDs in 60 receptions over 790 yards.

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