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Becky Quick PICS!

Becky Quick PICS

QUICK PICS! Here again are pics of Becky Quick, the CNBC money honey.

Becky Quick pics could give the reigning money honey queen Maria a run for her … money. But it’s all good because Quick is part of the best lineup on tv, anywhere. Of course, you have to thank the camera guy for always stay wide on his shots so you can see how to get a leg up on the competition, two great legs.

Becky Quick Pictures
Becky Quick Photo 1
Becky Quick Photo 2
Becky Quick Photo 3
Becky Quick Photo 4

The harder question is whether to not whether the valuations on your latest stock are too overpriced. It’s rather Quick is hotter than ESPN’s Erin Andrews or TV Azteca’s Ines Sainz.

Of course, Sainz always throws in those white pants.

LALATE is a big Fast Money groupie. Now if only they could give the guy with the bad hairline a vacation once a week and bring Becky in, that would be heaven! Come on – Fast Money gets Quick – it just sounds great.

LALATE profiled Quick several months ago. And even then, Becky admitted she has fans.

“At last check, the “I’m in Love With Becky Quick” group had exactly 0 members! (No kidding — I did not make this up!)

“Editors Note: It bears noting that the “Becky Quick Rocks!” group on Facebook has 53 members. “

After this article, expect those numbers in the triple digits by Power lunch.


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