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Tenika Watson PHOTO

Tenika Watson PHOTO

PHOTO. Here is reportedly an undated picture of Tenika Watson. Tenika Watson was in Teddy Pendergrass’ car during that 1982 car crash.

Tenika Watson pics and reports detailing the 1982 Teddy Pendergrass crash are few online. Some indicate at the time of the crash Watson was a nightclub dancer, 31 years of age at the time, 5’10”. Reports say Watson’s recovery time from the car was close to two hours. She reportedly said of the crash:

“I was concerned about him. I was concerned if he was really hurt. I feel about him as I do about any other human being. I thought we were both going to die.”

In May 1982, Tenika Watson reportedly granted an interview to JET Magazine. For that interview, conducted by Philadelphia Tribune’s Barbara Faggins, Watson reportedly said the following:

“They were interested in finding out what I had in my system. The wanted to find out what was in my urine.I was very upset with them. I must have gotten to the hospital around 1 AM and didn’t leave until 6 AM.”

“My family and friends are angry because of what they’ve read in the papers about me. What really upset me was the fact that the papers made me out to be some animal or demon and that I was not a God fearing person.”

“I wish I had been born genetically a woman instead of having to get surgery. Society won’t accept me as a woman.”

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