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NFL Playoffs Games Today!

NFL Playoffs Games Today

SCHEDULE – Here are you NFL Playoffs Games today. Your NFL Playoffs Games start time is 1 PM EST 11 AM EST.

Sunday features two games, one from the AFC one from the NFC. Yesterday it was the Cowboys defeating the Eagles and the Jets defeating the Bengals. Next week the Cowboys face the Vikings and the Jets face the Colts.

Sunday’s two wildcard playoff games are the Raven vs. Patriots followed by the Packers vs. Cardinals. And unlike Saturday, they are on two different network. Ravens vs Patriots are 1 PM EST on CBS and Packers vs Cardinals are at 1:40 PM EST on FOX. As with the rest of the playoff games, LALATE will have live online scoring.

Ravens vs Patriots – Season Comparison

Flaco is passing at 63%. He has 21 TDs for the season and 12 INTs over 3613 yards. Rice has 7 TDs in 254 carries producing 1339 yards. McGahey has 12 TDs in 109 carries over 544 yards. On receiving, Rice has 1 TD on 78 receptions over 702 yards. And Mason has 7 TDs in 73 receptions producing 1028 yards.

Brady is passing at a 66% completion rate with 28 TDs, 13 INT and an incredible 4398 yards. Maroney has 9 TDs on 194 carries over 757 yards. Faulk has 2 TDs on 62 carries over 335 yards. Welker has 4 TDs on 123 receptions producing 1348 yards. And Moss has an incredible 13 TDs in just 83 receptions over 1264 yards.

Packers vs Cardinals – Season Comparison

Warner is passing at 66% with 3753 yards. Warner has produced 26 TDs and 14 INTs. Wells has 7 TDs on 176 carries over 793 yards. Hightower has 8 TDs on 143 carries over 598 yards. For receiving, Fitzgerald has 13 TDs on 97 receptions over 1092 yards. Boldin has 4 TDs on 84 receptions over 1024 yards.

Packers’ Rodgers has an incredible 30 TDs and just 7 INTs. He’s passing at 65% with 4434 yards. Grant has 11 TDs on 282 carries over 1253 yards. And Rodgers has 5 TDs on 58 carries over 316 yards. Jennnings has 4 TDs on 68 catches producing 1113 yards. Driver has 6 TDs on 70 recepetions over 1061 yards.

For live online scoring, injury updates, and analysis of this weekend’s playoff games on LALATE click here:


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