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Eagles vs. Cowboys Start TIME!

Eagles vs. Cowboys Start TIME

START TIME – Eagles vs. Cowboys start time is just a few hours away. Eagles vs. Cowboys this time face in Wild Card action Saturday afternoon. Their game is the second of four critical Wild Card matches this Playoff weekend.

The Eagles vs. Cowboys battle on NBC start time at 8:00 PM EST 5:00 PM PST.The winner faces the Vikings next weekend. LALATE will have live online scoring.

Eagles vs. Cowboys numbers line up as follows coming into today’s game.

Romo was on fire the second half of the season ending it with a 63% completion rate. Romo pulled in for the Cowboys 26 TDs and just 9 INTs in 4483 yards. Barber leads team rushing with 7 TDs in 214 carries over 932 yards. Jones has 3 TDs in 116 carries over 685 yards. Austin leads receiving with 11 TDs in 81 receptions over 1320 yards. Witten has 2 TDs in 94 receptions over 1030 yards.

McNabb has a 60% completion rate with 22 TDs and 10 INTs producing 3553 yards. McCoy leads team rushing with 4 TDs in 155 carries over 637 yards. Weaver has 2 TDs in 708 carries over 323 yards. Jackson has 9 TDs in 63 receptions over 1167 yards. And Celek has 8 TDs in 76 catches producing 971 yards.

Both teams have a 11-5 record in the NFC.

For live online scoring, injury updates, and analysis of this and other wild card games this weekend on LALATE click here:


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