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Alina Kabaeva Playboy PHOTOS!

Alina Kabaeva Playboy PHOTOS

PHOTOS! Here are Playboy photos of Vladimir Putin’s Alina Kabaeva. Alina Kabaeva graced Playboy (pics below) but now reportedly impresses Russian head Vladimir Putin.

Alina Kabaeva was first reported married to Putin, a claim Putin denied. Today reports say Alina Kabaeva gave birth to Putin’s son Dimitry, a report Putin hasn’t responded to. Alina Kabaeva is Russia’s most decorated gymnast ever. Currently 26, Alina won 2 Olympic medals, 18 World Championship medals, and two years ago was elected to Russia’s parliament on Putin’s political party ticket.

Alina Kabaeva Pictures Set 1
Alina Kabaeva Photo 1
Alina Kabaeva Photo 2
Alina Kabaeva Photo 3 reports “The most puzzling part of this story is that at press time, not a single major Russian media [outlet] has reported that Kabaeva had a son.”

Alina Kabaeva Pictures Set 2

Alina Kabaeva Photo 4
Alina Kabaeva Photo 5
Alina Kabaeva Photo 6

But Page 6 reports it was Putin’s child. “Putin is very careful about his public image. Still, considering Russia’s Muslim population is about 30 million, it might not hurt him politically to have a beautiful, half-Muslim wife.”

Alina is from Tashkent city now the capital of Uzbekistan. Her dad is a professional soccer player.

Correction: The magazine issue was not Playboy but Maxim, 2004.

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