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Taleon Goffney Mark and the Twins’ Teyon and Keyon!

Taleon Goffney Mark and the Twins' Teyon and Keyon

UPDATE – Taleon Goffney (aka Teyon of Mark and the Twins’ “Teyon and Kenyon”) was sentenced today. Taleon Goffney learned today his fate in that beauty parlor burglary covered extensively on LALATE this year. Taleon was sentenced to 3 years in prison but could be out on probation within 11 months.

Taleon told the court he is sorry for his actions: “I just want to apologize for my past actions, and I won’t be continuing that lifestyle any more.”

…. and by lifestyle he means?

As reported previously on LALATE, his brother Keyontyli (Keyon) was freed on time served in September after agreeing to testify against his brother. Still unclear is how many burglaries Taleon pulled off, with prosecutors claiming they spanned from Florida to South Jersey. Taleon Goffney was ordered to pay fines to the business and court costs.


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