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Tiger Woods Latest News Update – Gillette Endorsement, His Yacht, and Faglaro Sweden!

Tiger Woods Latest News Update - Gillette Endorsement, His Yacht, and Faglaro Sweden

LATEST UPDATE – PHOTOS! Tiger Woods’ scandal Saturday cost him his Gillette endorsement while his yacht PRIVACY is packed and the Faglaro Island Mansion in Sweden (pic above) is watched.

The world of Tiger Woods’ scandal taught us all something Saturday – that even endorsement companies work weekends!

After Tiger Woods announced infidelity and a break on Friday evening, Saturday began with Gillette announcing it done with Tiger Woods.

The crumbling endorsements of Tiger is your LALATE late night update on Tiger Woods.

TIGER LATEST – Endorsements

How does news of a Madam claiming she booked Tiger Woods 10 to 15 women at a time sound to Gillette? We may never know. But we do know Gillette is done with Tiger Woods.

This week experts said the brand image of Tiger Woods as “Mr. Boring” was utterly false in the face of allegations of “wild” Woods bedding 10 to 15 women at a time while having an additional alleged one dozen plus women. While endorsement companies had given fortunes to Woods as he played Mr. Boring, he was allegedly spending fortunes to win the affection of women who called him “wild”.

Meantime, his endorsements were reacting.

1. Television.

First, it was television. LALATE broke Woods has not appeared in a TV primetime ad slot since the mistress scandal broke.

2. Tag Heuer

Second, it was his watches. On Thursday LALATE broke to you first that his watch sponsor, Tag Heuer, has yanked his ads from Australian jewelry. The company said the scandal was not the reason for the change while store owners had their own opinion.

3. Accenture

Third, it was Accenture. On Friday, Accenture dropped Woods’ image off its website homepage.

4. Meetings.

Fourth, there were reportedly meetings. For LALATE readers, you saw the news on Friday that endorsement companies allegedly were meeting Friday afternoon. Then suddenly Woods would issue his taking a break announcement. Coincidence?

Friday saw Fox News reporting other corporate sponsors are heading into meetings today. “Several of Tiger Woods’ corporate sponsors, including Pepsi, Proctor and Gamble, and Gillette, are in meetings Friday discussing whether or not the golf pro’s actions in his personal life violated the terms of his multi-million dollar deals, a source close to the situation tells Reps for Pepsi, Gillette and Proctor and Gamble did not respond for comment.”

5. Gillette

Fifth, next it was the razor company cutting ties. Gillette spokesman Damon Jones’ choice word is “timeout”. “Tiger said, I want to take a timeout from golf and I want to take a timeout from being in the public eye. And we think that’s right that he take a timeout.” The press has translated that to mean – Gillette is done.

6. AT&T

Sixth, AT&T said it’s thinking Saturday. AT&T’s choice word in contrast is “evaluating” -“we are presently evaluating our ongoing relationship with him.”

7. No privacy for Privacy

Meantime reports say Woods’ yacht is being prepped. The boat’s name? Privacy. But good luck trying to find the Privacy’s name on the baot. It’s been covered up to give … more privacy.

Tiger Woods Yacht Pictures
Tiger Woods Yacht Photo 1
Tiger Woods Yacht Photo 2
Tiger Woods Yacht Photo 3

Tiger Woods once said he bought Privacy to get away from the media. Instead, it’s Privacy that is attracting the media this weekend. Privacy is 155 feet long, berthed at Old Port Cove, and its name has recently been covered up. Yes, Privacy demands its privacy.

Here is the photo recap of alleged mistresses numbers 1 through 16.

1. PHOTOS OF RACHEL UCHITEL – Alleged Mistress

Allegations: National Enquirer, Star

Rachel Uchitel is a former Las Vegas VIP host from Tao, now in New York, a woman who claimed to have bed celebrities before but says she never kisses and tells.

Rachel Uchitel Pictures (Set 1)
Rachel Uchitel Photo 1
Rachel Uchitel Photo 2
Rachel Uchitel Photo 3
Rachel Uchitel Photo 4

Some reports say Uchitel was unaware of all these other alleged mistress and is not happy about the revelation. Imagine what Tiger Woods’ wife thinks. Uchitel reports put her alleged relationship with Woods within the last five months.

Rachel Uchitel Pictures (Set 2)
Rachel Uchitel Photo 5
Rachel Uchitel Photo 6
Rachel Uchitel Photo 7
Rachel Uchitel Photo 8
Rachel Uchitel Photo 9
Rachel Uchitel Photo 10

Her last stated public position is she denies the allegations.

2. PHOTOS OF JAIMEE GRUBBS – Alleged Mistress 2

Allegations: US Magazine

A reality tv star, who once dated a Tool on TV, sold alleged voice mail and text recording of Tiger. Then a bartender in Vegas, now a bartender in Los Angeles, Grubbs was the first to give a direct quote admitting her alleged affair.

Jaimee Grubbs Pictures Set 1
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 1
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 2
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 3
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 4

Jaimee Grubbs Pictures Set 2
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 5
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 6
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 7
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 8
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 9

Her position is she was Tiger’s mistress, that he called just recently telling her to delete his name from her voice mail after his wife was onto him, and the he lead her to believe they would be together in the future.

3. PHOTOS OF KALIKA MOQUIN – Alleged Mistress 3

Allegations: Life and Style

A top nightlife executive in Vegas, Moquin was like Rachel previously employed at Tao nightclub. Kalika would first not comment on the allegations, then deny them to US Magazine.

Kalika Moquin Pictures
Kalika Moquin Photo 1
Kalika Moquin Photo 2
Kalika Moquin Photo 3

4. PHOTOS OF JAMIE JUNGERS – Alleged Mistress 4

Allegations: Mail on Sunday, Daily Mirror

The first non-nightlife woman to come forward, Jungers is a stunning model. British press – that would pay for her story allegedly – would label her a look-a-like to Woods’ own wife. She would not deny the allegations in the issue. Jamie Jungers would not be directly quoted in the issue.

Jamie Jungers Pictures
Jamie Jungers Photo 1
Jamie Jungers Photo 2
Jamie Jungers Photo 3
Jamie Jungers Photo 4

5. PHOTO OF MINDY LAWTON – Alleged Mistress 5

Allegations: Mail on Sunday.

The most unlikely of the alleged misstresses, a non model nor nightlife host, Lawton would be the first of the alleged group to live near Woods’ Florida home. Lawton was allege an affair that would last months including text messages spanning over one alleged year. Her sister would be the source of the article.

Mindy Lawton Pictures
Mindy Lawton Photo 1

Mindy Lawton Photo 2

6. PHOTOS OF CORI RIST – Alleged Mistress 6

Allegations: Daily News New York

While Lawton is one of the youngest alleged woman, claiming to have met Woods at age 20, Rist is one of the oldest of the alleged women, 31. Her story was broke in New York Daily News Sunday. Like Jungers, Rist is blond, slender, and a knockout. She does not deny the allegation saying “no comment … not a this time.”

Cori Rist Pictures
Cori Rist Photo 2

Cori Rist Photo 1

7. PHOTOS OF HOLLY SAMPSON – Alleged Mistress 7

Allegations: Daily News New York.

Films by Holly Samson include Descent Into Bond—ge and Diary of a H–ny Housewife. As many as 80+ films are to credit by Holly Sampson.

Holly Sampson
Holly Sampson Photo 1
Holly Sampson Photo 2

8. 9. 10. – DETAILS – Alleged Mistresses 8-10

Three other women were reported by press after alleged seven.

At alleged number 8 is reportedly an Orlando woman. Mike Parker in the Daily Star of England reports of what would now be alleged number 8:

“The 25-year-old “VIP server” at an Orlando club – allegedly Tiger’s fourth mistress – is now planning to reveal details of their relationship. Her attorney Michael O’Quinn confirmed: “She will address the media with her story very soon.” The as yet unnamed mistress claims their affair began in 2004, when she was 20 and continued after he married Elin in October of the same year. Mr O’Quinn added: “We will not be confirming or denying any further details until after a press conference, which will happen imminently.” “

At alleged number 9 and 10 are reportedly British women. Fox details today:

“Two more alleged mistresses have been fingered by the British press. The Sun reports one is a television broadcaster, and another is a mysterious “….cougar.” “

11. PHOTOS OF JOSLYN JAMES – Alleged Mistress 11

Joslyn James Pictures
Joslyn James Photo 1
Joslyn James Photo 2
Joslyn James Photo 3


Joslyn is reportedly 39, has been in 18 “films”. If you wish to go rent them, then include (pardon the editing) “A– Training” and “M–F Lessons”. She’s reportedly5’4”, very pretty, brunette, and tattooed.

The Deadspin originating report referenced in the New York Daily News is unlike previous alleged mistress reports that were lengthy and detailed. Not the case with Joslyn James. And if you guessed her hometown as Las Vegas, you’re right.

12. 13. 14 – DETAILS – Alleged Mistresses 12-14

First, alleged mistress number 12 is referenced in a new preview from the National Enquirer. Today’s National Enquirer reports “But more and more women emerge almost daily claiming liaisons with the father of two. The ENQUIRER even received an incredible call that one woman who had an affair with Woods in June 2007 aborted his child.”

Second, alleged mistress number 13 is reference in a new preview from Life and Style. Life and Style reports that famed biographer Ian Halperin said a woman told him in 2007 that she was Tiger Woods’ mistress at the time.

“Celebrity biographer Ian Halperin tells Life & Style, “Two years ago, a woman approached me with an audio file supposedly of Tiger Woods having phone ss–. She wanted me to do a story on it. It sounded like him, but I had no proof.” If one of Tiger’s women does have footage, she could get millions. “A Tiger …. tape could be worth $5 million, possibly as high as $10 million,” Steven Hirsch …. tells Life & Style.”

14. A new report Thursday in RadarOnline says yet another woman has come forward as an alleged mistress, and like Rachel Uchitel, has retained Gloria Allred. No details are revealed by the website in their exclusive. The report claims that the woman is not among the previous women who have asserted allegations.

15. PHOTOS OF LOREDANA JOLIE – Alleged Mistress 15
Allegations: Michelle Braun

Loredana Jolie Pictures
Loredana Jolie Photo 1
Loredana Jolie Photo 2
Loredana Jolie Photo 3


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