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Barbro Holmberg PHOTO!

Barbro Holmberg PHOTO

PHOTO! Here is a picture of Elin Nordegren Woods’ mother, Barbro Holmberg. Barbro Holmberg and Thomas Nordegren were not in the U.S. when the Tiger Woods’ car crash happened. But as Tiger Woods’ alleged mistress count grows, reports say that Barbro Holmberg is now on U.S. soil.

Barbro Holmberg is reportedly the Minister for Migration and Asylum Policy in Sweden’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Before that she held various positions in the Swedish government. Her husband is Swedish radio journalist Thomas Nordegren. Together the couple have one son Axel and twins Elin and Josefin (previously profiled on LALATE).

UPDATE 12/8/09:


Original story below.
After the Tiger Woods car crash, Holmberg had no comment for AP and Thomas Nordegren told the wire “I haven’t spoken to her in the last few … .I don’t want to go into that.”

She later spoke to US Magazine after the car crash but before the sea of alleged mistress reports. Referring to the crash, she stated: “This is a private family matter. I’m praying for everyone and everything to be OK. Please let’s just leave it at that.” On Rachel Uchitel, Holmberg told the magazine “You seem to know more than enough already. There is enough for them to handle already. Please can you give everyone space.”

Enough? At that point the alleged mistress count was only at one person.


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