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Cori Rist PHOTO!

Cori Rist PHOTO

PHOTOS! Here are pictures of Cori Rist and Mindy Lawton and Cori Rist alleged 6th and 5th Tiger Woods mistress! Cori Rist myspace profile pic after Mindy Lawton and Jamie Jungers pics is leaving some news reports doing wrong math.

Cori Mist is a reported stunning 31 year old New Yorker. Unfortunately some news reporters that perhaps have been asleep since Saturday night have awaken to number Cori Mist as alleged number 4.

Sorry, the alleged count is now at number 6.

Here is the alleged rundown – The alleged count is 1. Rachel Uchitel, 2. Jaimee Grubbs, 3.Kalika Moquin, 4. Jamie Jungers, 5. Mindy Lawton, and now 6. Cori Rist. But it’s easy to loose track.

Jamie Jungers reports broke Saturday morning and were released in print Sunday in the Mail on Sunday, a British publication. Mindy Lawton was broke in the same publication which went live online Saturday evening PST. And now Cori Rist hits the New York Daily News Sunday before sunrise PST time.

That would make 3 alleged reports since just dinner time Saturday night and before Sunday breakfast!

What does Rist look like? Here you go.

6. PHOTO OF CORI RIST – Alleged Mistress 6

Cori Rist Pictures
Cori Rist Myspace Photo 1
Cori Rist Myspace Photo 2

So far a locked myspace profile is all the net has of Cori Rist. (Update Photo 2 released by Daily News.) If you missed alleged number 4 and number 5, here is their recap.

4. PHOTOS OF JAMIE JUNGERS – Alleged Mistress 4

LALATE reported Saturday the 4th alleged mistress – Jamie Jungers – who shares a similarity to Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubbs, and Kalika Moquin. Jungers is from Las Vegas.

Jamie Jungers Pictures
Jamie Jungers Photo 1
Jamie Jungers Photo 2
Jamie Jungers Photo 3
Jamie Jungers Photo 4

Jamie Jungers’  source tells British press this weekend ( Mail on Sunday) that she is the 4th alleged Tiger Woods mistress to come forward. Jungers reportedly is a model in Las Vegas. Uchitel worked at Tao Nightclub in Las Vegas. Grubbs worked as a bartender in town. And Moquin worked for the Light Group in Vegas.

5. PHOTOS OF MINDY LAWTON – Alleged Mistress 5

Mindy Lawton Photo
Mindy Lawton Photo 1
Mindy Lawton Photo 2

Jamie Jungers is a Las Vegas blond bombshell model. Mindy Lawton is a 34 year old waitress. And before you pass judgment after seeing Mindy’s pic, Lawton has some similarities.

First Lawton dishes that she too received alleged steamy voice mails. Second, Lawton too claims an over 1 year alleged affair – 14 month. Third, she’s works in Orlando.

Lawton’s sister called her naive. “That was always the pattern. Mindy would drive her old Saturn car and follow Tiger in his luxurious Escalade. My sister was just a little girl on an hourly wage at Perkins. We knew what he wanted her for. But she wouldn’t believe it. Maybe Tiger thought the security guards would think she was his cleaning lady,’ Lynn conjectured. Or maybe they had just seen it all before and knew to turn a blind eye.”

If you missed the first four alleged mistresses, or lost count, here they are again.

1. PHOTOS OF RACHEL UCHITEL – Alleged Mistress 1

It all started with the National Enquirer and Star Magazine. Uchitel would deny the allegations to half a dozen publications and thereafter remain silent.

“I don’t appreciate my name or what people think of me being dragged through the mud by people who don’t even bother to research what or who they’re talking about … they should research who these stories are coming from, who they’re believing as a credible source. Not to mention that it’s in the National Enquirer.”

Rachel Uchitel Pictures (Set 1)
Rachel Uchitel Photo 1
Rachel Uchitel Photo 2
Rachel Uchitel Photo 3
Rachel Uchitel Photo 4

The paper would later attack Rachel Uchitel’s claims she didn’t know Ashley Samson.

Rachel Uchitel said of Ashley Samson, the Enquirer source, “I’ve met her twice in my life. We’re not friends. I’m just speculating but it seems like someone else is telling her what to say or manipulating her. After all, she got $25,000 for this.” “

The Enquirer responded back: “Rachel is such a close friend of Ashley’s that she recently invited Ashley to join her and some other pals on a trip to Spain. AND in an ENQUIRER web exclusive, we’re publishing a photo showing Rachel partying with her friend Ashley on that recent trip to Spain.”

Rachel Uchitel Pictures (Set 2)
Rachel Uchitel Photo 5
Rachel Uchitel Photo 6
Rachel Uchitel Photo 7
Rachel Uchitel Photo 8
Rachel Uchitel Photo 9
Rachel Uchitel Photo 10

End result: Uchitel would hire Gloria Allred, schedule a press conference to reveal her “relationship” with Woods, only to cancel it. Allred’s daughter, a CBS legal analyst, would claim her opinion was Allred obtained “at least” a one million settlement for Uchitel to remain silent.

2. PHOTOS OF JAIMEE GRUBBS – Alleged Mistress 2

Along next came Jaimee Grubbs, star of the VH-1 reality tv show Tool Academy. Grubbs, a bartender in Las Vegas, now reportedly of Stone Rose Lounge inside the Hotel Sofitel on Beverly Boulevard. She would release alleged text message of Woods, an alleged voice mail recording, and more.

Jaimee Grubbs even gave specifics, including the answer the question you might be asking. The answer is … 20 times. Jaimee Grubbs says she and Tiger cheated on his wife 20 times starting in 2007.

Jaimee Grubbs Pictures Set 1
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 1
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 2
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 3
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 4

Another report claims Grubbs bragged about her alleged 31 month affair with Tiger Woods during the taping of the VH-1 reality show. Cast member Aida Menaska told press:

“We all knew about Jaimee’s affair with Tiger Woods because she told us. Aida even suggests that Grubbs mentioned the alleged affair during actual taping of the show! “ I guess they cut it out because VH1 didn’t want to cause problems forTiger Woods and his wife.”

Jaimee Grubbs Pictures Set 2
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 5
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 6
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 7
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 8
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 9

3. PHOTOS OF KALIKA MOQUIN – Alleged Mistress 3

Finally, Kalika Moquin’s friend told Life and Style and Kalika and Tiger “hooked up a bunch of times …. Tiger told Kalika that married life isn’t all it’s built to be” and that “he wasn’t happy in his marriage or his home life and that there was just so much pressure on him” .

End Result: Moquin would for the publication not comment but later deny the allegations to US Magazine.

Kalika Moquin Pictures
Kalika Moquin Photo 1
Kalika Moquin Photo 2
Kalika Moquin Photo 3

Through all this, Tiger Woods’ wife has not issued a statement.


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