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Jamie Jungers PICS!

Jamie Jungers pics

PHOTOS! Despite pictures of Jamie Jungers’ entry as Tiger Woods’ 4th alleged mistress, the Tiger Woods’ mistress list alleged is far beyond Jamie Jungers. Pics after Jamie Jungers are reportedly set to come out.

By all indications, the alleged fifth Tiger Woods mistress will be the Orlando woman who says her affair with Woods spanned over one year. It remains unclear if that Orlando woman is the same Orlando woman who called into a radio station Wednesday asserting her claims.

Even if alleged three additional mistresses – according to Radar Saturday – come forward, bringing the total to 8, many issues remain clear at this point.

First, Woods’ connection with Las Vegas passes through all four women.  Jungers is a Vegas model. Uchitel was a former VIP exec at Tao.  Grubbs was a bartender at Light (now Bank). Moquin bio spans several Vegas nightclubs.

Second, the allegations claim Woods continued to interact with these women not for weeks but for months, even years.

Third, the allegations span the time during the pregnancy of Woods’ wife.

Jamie Jungers Pictures
Jamie Jungers Photo 1
Jamie Jungers Photo 2
Jamie Jungers Photo 3
Jamie Jungers Photo 4

Jamie Jungers will reportedly tell British press this weekend that she is the 4th alleged Tiger Woods mistress to come forward. Jungers reportedly is a model in Las Vegas. Beyond that no other details about Jungers have yet to be released.

1. PHOTOS OF RACHEL UCHITEL – Alleged Mistress 1

It all started with the National Enquirer and Star Magazine. Uchitel to date has never officially admitted to the publication’s allegations. He last remarks were that theywere false.

Rachel Uchitel Pictures (Set 1)
Rachel Uchitel Photo 1
Rachel Uchitel Photo 2
Rachel Uchitel Photo 3
Rachel Uchitel Photo 4

“I don’t appreciate my name or what people think of me being dragged through the mud by people who don’t even bother to research what or who they’re talking about … they should research who these stories are coming from, who they’re believing as a credible source. Not to mention that it’s in the National Enquirer.”

Rachel Uchitel Pictures (Set 2)
Rachel Uchitel Photo 5
Rachel Uchitel Photo 6
Rachel Uchitel Photo 7
Rachel Uchitel Photo 8
Rachel Uchitel Photo 9
Rachel Uchitel Photo 10

Uchitel has not spoken for over a week. On Friday, the daughter of her attorney Gloria Allred said she probably received “at least” one million to remain silent.

1. PHOTOS OF JAIMEE GRUBBS – Alleged Mistress 2

Jaimee Grubbs remains the only woman so far who allegeds herself the affair, giving specifics as to alleged number of months, number of encounters, even voice mail recordings.

A former reality tv star, Grubbs now works in a Los Angeles Bar.

Jaimee Grubbs Pictures Set 1
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 1
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 2
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 3
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 4

But following release of her allegations, cast members say Grubbs even spoke about Tiger Woods during taping of their show.

“We all knew about Jaimee’s affair with Tiger Woods because she told us. ”  “ I guess they cut it out because VH1 didn’t want to cause problems forTiger Woods and his wife.”

Jaimee Grubbs Pictures Set 2
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 5
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 6
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 7
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 8
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 9

3. PHOTOS OF KALIKA MOQUIN  – Alleged Mistress 3

Finally, Kalika Moquin’s friend told Life and Style and Kalika and Tiger “hooked up a bunch of times …. Tiger told Kalika that married life isn’t all it’s built to be” and that “he wasn’t happy in his marriage or his home life and that there was just so much pressure on him” .

End Result: Moquin would for the publication not comment but later deny the allegations to US Magazine.

Kalika Moquin Pictures
Kalika Moquin Photo 1
Kalika Moquin Photo 2
Kalika Moquin Photo 3

Through all this, Tiger Woods’ wife has not issued a statement.


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  3. Scott Larson

    December 5, 2009 at 3:40 pm

    Tiger loves the blondes. I guess he really doesn’t want to have anything to do with blacks.

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