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Jaimee Grubbs PHOTOS!

Jaimee Grubbs PHOTOS

PICS! Here are photos of Jaimee Grubbs a new alleged Tiger Woods’ mistress! Jaimee Grubbs of Tool Academy claims a Tiger Woods affair, from mistress text messages to voice mails, that spanned 31 months!

Jaimee Grubbs claims her Tiger Woods affair started in Las Vegas. Unlike Rachel Uchitel, formerly of Tao Las Vegas who denies any affair, Grubbs tells all in a shocking revelation that includes text messages to voice mails that it started in 2007 and continued for 31 months, during Tiger Woods’ marraige.

Here is the latest on Jaimee Grubbs.

Jaimee Grubbs Pictures Set 1
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 1
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 2
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 3
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 4

The shocking revelation from Grubbs comes in the new issue of US Weekly. She claims she has 300 text messages from Tiger Woods starting in 2007.

Jaimee Grubbs Pictures Set 2
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 5
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 6
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 7
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 8
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 9

And if you are wondering, yes, the alleged mistress kept the messages all and is now talking. Jaimee Grubbs even gives specifics, including the answer the question you might be asking.

The answer is … 20 times. Jaimee Grubbs says she and Tiger cheated on his wife 20 times starting in 2007.

And it doesn’t end there.

Rachel Uchitel Pictures (Set 1)

Rachel Uchitel Photo 1

Rachel Uchitel Photo 2

Rachel Uchitel Photo 3

Rachel Uchitel Photo 4

Jaimee Grubbs claims in US Weekly coming out Wednesday that Tiger even left her a voice mail on November 24  saying that his wife may be onto the alleged affair.

The question now remains – in the face of Grubbs’ claim, do you believe Rachel Uchitel or the National Enquirer?

Rachel Uchitel Pictures (Set 2)

Rachel Uchitel Photo 5

Rachel Uchitel Photo 6

Rachel Uchitel Photo 7

Rachel Uchitel Photo 8

Rachel Uchitel Photo 9

Rachel Uchitel Photo 10

Rachel denies the entire Enquirer report.

“I don’t appreciate my name or what people think of me being dragged through the mud by people who don’t even bother to research what or who they’re talking about … they should research who these stories are coming from, who they’re believing as a credible source. Not to mention that it’s in the National Enquirer.”

The Enquirer claims Tiger Woods and Rachel Uchitel may have had a 2009 affair driven by alleged meetings in New York, Las Vegas and Australia. Australia

Las Vegas is where Grubbs claims to have had her alleged affair.


  1. Dave Evans

    December 2, 2009 at 12:35 pm

    Conventional thinking will say that, while his wife obviously used her good looks to turn his head, she isn’t the bimbo these other gals are. After all, Tiger married her and had babies with her. Not being able to keep it in our pants got us bumped out of Eden and will now cost him dearly. She does not deserve this treatment and she can’t ever trust him again, no matter how sorry he is. Say bye bye to half your fortune and consider yourself educated.

  2. chasiti

    December 8, 2009 at 10:41 pm

    This is so typical of the trashy breed of women. They are so lazy and pathetic the would do and say anything for a buck and five minutes of shameful fame.So to all the disgusting women coming out of the woodwork claiming to have had an affair with Tiger Woods to get your ugly mug in Enquirer, GET A REAL JOB n**** BROADS.

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