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Jaimee Grubbs of Tool Academy PICS!

Jaimee Grubbs of Tool Academy PICS

PICS! Here again are pics of Jaimee from Tool Academy aka Jaimee Grubbs allegedly also of Tiger Woods! Jaimee Grubbs’ allegations  – the affair, girlfriend meetups, mistress text messages – are stunning new claims today in the growing Tiger Woods media free fall.

Jaimee Grubbs is not a former Swedish bikini supermodel with stunning blue eyes, nor the mother of Tiger Woods’ children. Rather, Jaimee Grubbs’s claim to fame is (drumroll) Tool Academy.

Tool Academy? It’s a VH-1 reality show .. about tools and their girls. Her boyfriend on the show was Shawn “Loud Mouth Tool” Southern, apparently.

As if the Tiger Woods scandal couldn’t get any worse, now allegations he had an affair with a little watched reality tv show’s cast member. And long was the alleged affair?

31 months!

Tiger Woods has only been married four years. But Jaimee Grubbs claims her affair spanned 31 months, 300 plus text messages, and yes, 20 encounters. Apparently she kept count.

Jaimee Grubbs Pictures Set 1
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 1
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 2
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 3
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 4

While many would wonder who would allegedly cheat just 3 years into their marriage, let alone cheat on a Swedish stunning former model, the answer why NOT to cheat may rest in Jaimee Grubbs new details.

Jaimee Grubbs claims she kept the evidence of their alleged affair – from the alleged pictures, to the alleged texts, to even an alleged voice mail. Oh Boy!

Jaimee Grubbs Pictures Set 2
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 5
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 6
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 7
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 8
Jaimee Grubbs Photo 9

And it doesn’t end there.

Rachel Uchitel Pictures (Set 1)

Rachel Uchitel Photo 1

Rachel Uchitel Photo 2

Rachel Uchitel Photo 3

Rachel Uchitel Photo 4

Jaimee Grubbs claims in US Weekly coming out Wednesday that Tiger even left her a voice mail on November 24 saying that his wife may be onto the alleged affair.

So do you still believe Rachel Uchitel that she never had an affair with Tiger Woods?

Rachel Uchitel Pictures (Set 2)

Rachel Uchitel Photo 5

Rachel Uchitel Photo 6

Rachel Uchitel Photo 7

Rachel Uchitel Photo 8

Rachel Uchitel Photo 9

Rachel Uchitel Photo 10

On Tool Academy Jaimee Grubbs was the girlfriend of Shawn “Loud Mouth Tool” Southern. Today, Jaimee Grubbs is a bartender from Studio City, California. (Post the bar if you know the answer, readers!)

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