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Tiger Woods 911 Tape!

Tiger Woods 911 Tape

Catch the 911 Tape call from the Tiger Woods car crash. The 911 tape of the Tiger Woods car cash prompting an alleged rescue by Elin Nordegren Woods will be released Sunday.

But don’t expect the 911 tape to explain why Woods’ car crashed, nor what happened before the crash. Florida Highway Patrol are releasing the tape. They have reportedly tried to talk to Woods and have not been able to.

UPDATE 11/29/09
The 911 Tape Has Been Released

Original Story Below
FHP says of Elin: “She was frantic, upset. It was her husband laying on the ground.”

How Tiger Woods’ suffered his injuries is being disputed by press.

First, ESPN reports Elin “reportedly pulled Woods from the vehicle, bloodied from cuts on his face” while TMZ is reporting “there was no blood found on the steering wheel of Tiger’s SUV — putting into serious doubt that Tiger sustained his injuries from the crash.”

Second, ESPN claims Elin says “she was in the house when the accident happened”. Not so says TMZ which claims Tiger made a “retreat for his SUV … [and Tiger] says his wife followed behind with a golf club” swinging at his SUV.

Third, Woods suffered lacerations to his upper and lower lips and had blood coming from his mouth. But his rep said Friday Tiger was “fine”.

And despite reports of the crash, the SUV’s air bags did not deploy.

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