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Watch Macy’s Parade Online – Macy’s Parade Live Stream!

Watch Macy's Parade Online - Macy's Parade Live Stream

Watch LIVE online streaming video of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! The Macy’s Parade can been seen in a live free stream with all the Thanksgiving Day action from New York City’s Times Square.

This is the second year LALATE profiles this live streaming video of the Macy’s Parade. In 2008 LALATE wrote for Thanksgiving Day:

Then, on Thanksgiving, catch Live Streaming Video throughout NYC of the Parade powered by Earthcam. Says Earthcam, “Seven EarthCam cameras, including one streaming video system with audio, will capture all the excitement of the multi-story balloons and the colorful floats unfiltered in real-time.”

“Exclusive webcam locations in and around Times Square will bring visitors their own viewpoints as they choose cameras. Positioned to transmit the exciting live views of Shrek, Horton the Elephant, and Buzz Lightyear, among the 25 giant balloons, the webcams will show the Thanksgiving Day parade from 9am-12noon ET. Following the live event, EarthCam archives will be available offering a variety of views that highlight the parade line marching through Times Square and down Broadway.”

This year, the webcam stream is back. In fact, if you are awake tonight (Wednesday night), the stream is currently live. And as you will see, the video quality is exceptional, even better than last year.

EarthCam writes of the stream:

“EarthCam presents a live webcast of the 83rd annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade beginning at approximately 9:30am EST! Enjoy multiple views of the parade from a variety of vantage points as it marches down Broadway through Times Square. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is internationally recognized as the official start of the holiday season. See all of EarthCam’s live cameras located in and around Times Square – click here. … Full Screen Video – Choose one of our streaming cameras and click the enlarge icon to watch the camera in full screen streaming video.”

CLICK HERE for the live stream!


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