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Thierry Henry Handball YouTube!

Thierry Henry Handball YouTube

VIDEO! Watch youtube video of Thierry Henry’s Handball. Thierry Henry’s Handball video was  from the France vs. Ireland FIFA World Cup qualifying action covered live on LALATE Wednesday.

Now the net is fuming that handball video. Did it cost Ireland their spot to advance? Catch the video of the handball below which is hardly staying up Thursday.

Online reaction to Thierry Henry’s handball has included the following:

Swedish referee Martin Hansson? to be made a commander in Frances prestigious Legion of Honor for his assistance in securing qualification for the World Cup.


ok? he handballed it …the biggest joke here is that the ref nor the linesman failed to spot it …..or it could be the fact that platini was sat in the crowd …

Point is…lead up to the goal there was off-side and handball! The ref from kick-off was rooting for the french! The lines man began to lift his flag for the handball and changed his mind! (look closely)! The World cup have more to gain with france in than they do with Ireland! Sad day for football! The person under attack should be ref! Although…henry could have owned up to it before it was given to them! I dont think Keane wud have done? the same if it was that blatent!!!!

robbie keane would have done the same. this kind of thing happens all the time, its just a shame that it was in extra time of the second leg of a world cup qualifier. blame? the ref.

look at? him running around when he gets the goal lol, knowing that it shouldn’t have been allowed….

it was ball to hand ~ surely you can plainly see.

My? stomach aches with this … poor Ireland … absolutely gruesome, Henry …

FIFA? should come out and said “YES IT WAS WRONG, …. But that will never happen because FIFA and UEFA are big big …. who just think about money and more money and dont know nothing about football and football fans passion

I know how you will be feeling right now but hey i could be worse ! Hate to see cheating in our great game ! Strange thing is if this was a golf course or maybe athletics , he most likely not be allowed to play again !!!!!


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