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Geisy Arruda FOTOS!

Geisy Arruda FOTOS

FOTOS! Update #2 – Geisy Arruda (pictures below) is returning to the same school that said her mini skirt was too short. But for Geisy Arruda, questions remain unanswered if a dress or something else caused her Brazilian university scandal.

One moment Arruda is expelled in newspapers, the next she is being in reinstated quietly by her university. For American readers, the Geisy Arruda story left readers scratching their heads before and after the drama unfolded. But for residents of São Paulo and citizens of Brazil, the story said more about the victim and less about the students that caused the problems in the first place.

Geisy Arruda Pictures Set 1

Geisy Arruda Photo 1
Geisy Arruda Photo 2
Geisy Arruda Photo 3
Geisy Arruda Photo 4

While Geisy Arruda’s story was reported as a student with a dress, omitted were claims that male students threatened to assault her that day – even telling professors and security to release her to them for their own “handling”. Widespread evidence of students thrusting cellphones at Arruda trying to record what they thought were compromising shots.

So whatever happened to those students? We may never know.

Geisy Arruda Pictures Set 2

Geisy Arruda Photo 5
Geisy Arruda Photo 6
Geisy Arruda Photo 7

Geisy Arruda story touches on more than a woman’s choice at clothing. It impacts the use of cellphones in school’s to bother other students. It touches the alleged jump to accuse the victim of the wrongdoing only to forego any attention to nearly 700 who allegedly rioted over her.

Arruda, a tourism student, just wants to study: “I only want to go into the classroom, sit down, study and take tests” She never wanted this national attention. So why did the university not keep the matter private? Instead, Last week, her school published an advertisement in the São Paulo daily newspapers announcing it was expelling Arruda. Why?

It seems illogical. The advertisement read “Educational Responsibility – Education is made with attitude not complacency” and found that Geisy Arruda’s conduct had “resulted in a collective reaction in defense of the school environment.” The advertisement claimed Geisy Arruda was formally expelled.

And then this week it reinstated her … without another advertisement in local papers.

It may all stem from government officials looking at the matter. Local press calimed the Minister Nilcéa Freire from the Special Secretariat of Policies for Women (SPM) and the Ministry of Education were looking at the situation.

It all started at the private university of Bandeirante University situated ni the Sao Bernardo do Campo, a wealthy section of Sao Paulo. Then Arruda was a 20 year old student.

How did she act before this date?

Universidade Bandeirantes’ lawyer, Josias de Souza, reportedly issued a statement that Arruda “always liked to provoke boys, the problem was not with her clothes, but the way she acts, talks, crosses her legs, and walks.”

On October 22, an alleged near riot broke out when Arruda arrived in a pink mini skirt. She went to the restroom with friend Kelly Andrezzil. Mayhem started. 20 girls stormed the restroom. Male students tried to get in.

Where was security? The situation became tense said Andrezzi:

“I was very afraid of what could happen, but I could not have imagined what was about to come, students were cursing Geisy, calling her ugly names and accusing her of drawing too much attention, even threatening to beat her up.”

And how about the male students with their cellphones? Were they disciplined?

“We had to slap, clinch and fight with the boys, who were trying to go into the bathroom, and trying to put cell phones between Geisy’s legs. It was an aggression, an injustice against her.”

Geisy Arruda YouTube Videos

Today Arruda is back at school. But for the male students that rioted, threatened to assault her and stick cellphones at her, it remains unclear whatever – if anything – ever became of their conduct.


  1. Cindy

    November 14, 2009 at 1:33 am

    Wow I had no idea that Brazil was like this… I would expect something like that to happen in the Middle East, but not Brazil. Damn… I feel so badly for Geisy. That is so disrespectful of those students and very wrong for the school to expel her.

  2. Eberson

    November 15, 2009 at 9:16 pm

    Ok People, I live in Brazil and like you all I’m astonished by this event. Off course all nations have their problems related or not to behaviors, but please, it’s also stupid think that every body here act like the animals who were hostile with girls, or to think that everybody in midle east is a bomber or that everyone in US has a weapon and suddenly they can shot people on the street. Indeed there are some major contradictions in Brazil, nevertheless in this case, the school has expelled her just thinking about its revenues. It’s one of 5 worst universities in Brazil and certainly they never could imagine how quick and how far this news could have been spreaded around the world.

  3. josé felipe de oliveira campos

    January 26, 2012 at 11:08 am

    vc e muito gostosa eu vou bater uma hoje para vc e vou chupar teu priquito gosa em minha boca eu emgulo

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