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Geisy Arruda FOTOS!

Geisy Arruda FOTOS

UPDATE #2 – PHOTOS! Geisy Arruda (fotos below) is heading back to school after her University expelled her about her mini shirt. But while Geisy Arruda was expelled because of Educational Responsibility, Arruda was reinstated without explanation.

Geisy Arruda’s story has never made sense from the beginning and comes to a conclusion with even less logic. Arruda was expelled for a mini skirt that wasn’t so mini, in a country like Brazil known for its “stylish” clothing selections, at a school that first said she violated its standards only to find she didn’t a week later.

Geisy Arruda Pictures Set 1

Geisy Arruda Photo 1
Geisy Arruda Photo 2
Geisy Arruda Photo 3
Geisy Arruda Photo 4

And while Arruda says she’s anxious to return to school, the question remains – does Arruda next have life as a tv personality? With several major tv interviews in just a week, Arruda has become the biggest name to come out of Brazil this November. But is this story really over? Or is the fame of Geisy Arruda just beginning.

Arruda said she was never written that she was expelled. But the university took out an advertisement in local papers to say she was. In a very public response, Arruda’s university published an advertisement expelling her in the São Paulo daily newspapers.

Geisy Arruda Pictures Set 2

Geisy Arruda Photo 5
Geisy Arruda Photo 6
Geisy Arruda Photo 7

But why? Really had Arruda done anything at all?

If that wasn’t enough, the university lawyer, Josias de Souza, reportedly issued a statement that Arruda “always liked to provoke boys, the problem was not with her clothes, but the way she acts, talks, crosses her legs, and walks.”

Students get expelled because of how they walk in Brazil? Well Samba to this!

Now Arruda is reinstated … without explanation. This came as reports claiming the Minister Nilcéa Freire from the Special Secretariat of Policies for Women (SPM) and the Ministry of Education were looking at the situation.

Arruda wants to study. “I only want to go into the classroom, sit down, study and take tests” But will extra security be given? Arruda’s friend was scared when the events unfolded.“I was very afraid of what could happen, but I could not have imagined what was about to come, students were cursing Geisy, calling her ugly names and accusing her of drawing too much attention, even threatening to beat her up.”

Male students started to break into the female restroom. Amanda de Souza Augusto remembers:

“We had to slap, clinch and fight with the boys, who were trying to go into the bathroom, and trying to put cell phones between Geisy’s legs. It was an aggression, an injustice against her.”

Geisy Arruda YouTube Videos

With 700 alleged students near rioting just days ago, a reinstated Arruda is back to school. While no word if she will get new security, also no word what she will wear when she returns.

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