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Foxy Knoxy PICS!

Foxy Knoxy PHOTOS

PICTURES! Here again are pics of “Foxy Knoxy” Amanda Knox whose fotos with Raffaele Sollecito are back in the news. Foxy Knoxy Amanda Knox is still on trial but Meredith Kercher is being remembered today.

Kercher was murdered 2 years ago today on November 2, 2007. American Amanda Knox, nicknamed by Italian press as Foxy Knoxy, was dating Italian Foxy Knoxy. Their trial is still going on but today Meredith’s parents issued a statement remembering their daughter.

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“Two years since Meredith’s death have passed very quickly But we still miss her more than ever. We can only hope now that a conclusion is reached in the next five weeks so that we can finally dedicated ourselves to remember Meredith for the person that all of us knew and not as a victim or as a news item”.

While LALATE has been profiling Foxy Knoxy for over a year, Knox recently had to confront claims of fingerprints.

Earlier this year, her prosecution faced trouble of his own. Giuliano Mignini faced jail time if convicted on charges of obstruction of justice and illegally wiretapping journalists. Mignini claimed no wrongdoing. The prosecutor wasaccused of wiretapping journalists covering the Italian Government’s case of the Francesco Narducci death at the alleged hands of the Monster of Florence.

Claims reports:

Along with the police chief investigating the serial killings Michele Giuttari, Mignini is said to have planted bugging devices in journalists cars and also used his power to question reporters at length for no reason and without charge.

The Amanda Knox Blog defending her matter reads as follows:

“Hello and welcome to the website of the Amanda Knox Defense Fund. We are the friends and supporters of Amanda Knox. This special place was created to share who the “real” Amanda Knox is and allow you to help support her. Within this site you will find heartfelt stories from friends, family, teachers and others who are the true friends of Amanda Knox. People who know what kind of a lovely person she truly is and who know she is innocent.”

The Italian media now can’t get enough of Knox Foxy. Knox has 11 Facebook accounts about her story, 7 in favor of her innocence, 4 against. In fact, Italian media called Knox “person of the year” ahead of Carla Bruni.

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